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Zinc Aspartate to Raise Your Testosterone Levels

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

Zinc Aspartate

A great many hard-training athletes and bodybuilders are actually deficient in the essential mineral Zinc Aspartate. Furthermore, Zinc deficiency is prevalent throughout the entire world, including the United States of America. Both severe and moderate zinc deficiencies are positively correlated with lower testosterone levels in men. And while Zinc deficiency has been shown to lower your testosterone levels, Zinc supplementation has been correlated with an increase in testosterone levels. In fact, hypogonadism (decreased natural testosterone production) can actually result from not having enough Zinc in the diet. Dietary Zinc levels also positively correlate with levels of testosterone in the body, which essentially means, the more Zinc in your body, the higher your levels of testosterone typically will be.

When Zinc is not consumed in adequate levels, the body produces reduced amounts of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) secreted from the pituitary. Men's gonads (testes) are stimulated by this hormone (LH), causing the glorious burst of anabolic goodness when your testosterone is released into your body.

Zinc participates in over 500 different biochemical reactions in the body and therefore has widespread effects. Zinc is an essential trace element important for optimal testosterone production and release and it is even important for fertility. By enhancing its effect on testosterone and the local environment inside the testes, zinc helps to increase sperm count and makes sperm more energetic by enhancing motility.

For combating the estrogen epidemic, Zinc lowers your levels of aromatase, the enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen in fatty tissue and the liver. This is how zinc keeps more testosterone circulating freely in the bloodstream.

While many of the top sources of zinc are bodybuilder favorites like seafood, meat, and eggs, the average intake is rarely sufficient for the athlete, body composition or otherwise. The problem starts with absorption from these same food stuffs estimated as low as a dismal 2%, dependent upon the food it is eaten with. Additional bodybuilder favorites like fiber from vegetables and grains, proteins and certain minerals found in usual mixed meals all can impact zinc absorption in a negative way.

All this makes supplementation with zinc a no-brainer. Yet, the most common form of zinc available in supplemental form is zinc sulfate, the form used in many multivitamins. Although it’s the least expensive zinc supplement and thereby the primary choice of manufacturers, it is also the least easily absorbed and can upset the stomach. Of all the mineral salts available, Zinc Aspartate formulations are the best absorbed.

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George Spellwin

George Spellwin