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Trish Stratus, WWE Diva, Super Hot Pictures

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

The divas of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have come in many shapes, sizes, and temperaments over the years. At one extreme, there has been the beautiful and curvy wrestling babes that have served as excellent eye candy such as Sable and Stephanie McMahon. And at the other extreme, there’s been the chiseled and muscle-bound “divas” that could beat the living crap out of nearly any man they wanted to like Nicole Bass and Chyna (this is of course prior to Chyna losing all of her muscle mass and then getting whooped by Joey Buddafuco in Celebrity Boxing).

But no WWE diva has ever been able to combine grace and beauty along with strength and athleticism like AlexArdenti.net model Trish Stratus. Quite possibly the most popular and sexiest woman ever to enter the ring in World Wrestling Entertainment (formally the World Wrestling Federation or WWF), Stratus' glamorous looks and hot body have fooled anyone who’s never seen her in action into thinking she’s nothing more than another cute girl.

Trish Stratus

It’s easy to see why you could be fooled too as her long, blonde hair, skimpy little outfits, and enormous chest are easily deceiving. Any preconceived notions will quickly disappear though as soon as you see videos of her skying through the air from the top ropes onto a helpless victim on the mat or sending a vicious dropkick into the face of a would-be attacker.

And it is this talent, beauty, and athleticism that has made Trish Stratus so famous and beloved throughout the wrestling community and beyond. But despite her numerous fans, there is still only a small percentage of people who know what it took for Trish to get the stardom that she’s achieved. Her story is one that took place years before she ever graced the camera lens of Alex Ardenti or shined under the bright lights of the WWE.

image Patricia Ann Stratigias was born in the often chilly, and sometimes downright frigid, city of Richmond Hill, Ontario. And while the cold temperatures of Canada might have kept a lot of other girls indoors, Trish, on the other hand, couldn’t be kept inside. She was too busy playing sports like soccer and field hockey with all of the boys and chasing frogs around the park.

Her tomboyish ways didn’t stop here though as she was also into backyard wrestling as a child. And no I’m not talking about backyard wrestling as in those ghetto, low budget tapes of people hitting each other in the face with trash cans and sticks wrapped in barbed wired. I’m talking about actual grappling matches that Patricia would compete in with her friends and family members which, in hindsight, foreshadowed greater things to come.

What’s amazing about Trish though is that her love of sports and competition never took her attention off of what was really important in life: her education. You see, Trish’s dream wasn’t to one day be a wrestling superstar or a professional soccer player, it was to be a doctor. This childhood dream would eventually lead her to York University in Toronto.

It was here at York U. that she decided to attempt the difficult feat of holding a double major in Biology and Kinesiology (the study of body motion). And while all seemed to going well for the multi-talented Patricia, her life would soon change drastically after her college days came to a screeching halt when the professors at York University went on strike. It was clear that her goal of being a doctor was in limbo and Patricia was forced to seek out other options.

image Those other options would put her into the work force as she took a job as a receptionist at a local gym. But Trish wouldn’t be sitting behind the desk for long as her naturally fit body was soon noticed by her peers and they convinced her that she could make it as a fitness model.

One peer in particular, famous Canadian trainer Scott Able, helped Patricia get her foot in the door by introducing her to Musclemag International publisher Robert Kennedy. Kennedy was in agreement with Able’s assessment of Stratigias’ potential as a fitness model and scheduled her for some photo shoots. An on-location shoot saw Trish eventually grabbing the cover of Musclemag and she was soon becoming a modeling star.

Patricia would go on to appear in other magazines on her way to becoming the co-host of a Canadian professional wrestling radio show called Live Audio Wrestling (LAW). Word soon got around that this stunningly beautiful model and superb radio personality was an avid pro wrestling fan. One thing led to another and Patricia Stratigias was soon finding herself being contacted by the biggest company in wrestling, the WWE.

However, Trish didn’t just waltz into the center stage of the wrestling world and take the women’s title right away. She had to go through some extensive training first. And she couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be her instructor than trainer Ron Hutchinson who had helped wrestling stars like Edge and Christian make it to the big time.

Under Hutchinson’s guidance, Stratigias was able to parlay her tremendous athletic ability into wrestling skills that were worthy of the WWE. Worthy enough that in 1999, Patricia was informed that she would soon be entering the real action. And then it happened on Sunday Night Heat in March of 2000: the birth of wrestling legend Trish Stratus.

Her first appearance was a small role where she was merely scouting a match ringside in hopes of finding some wrestlers to manage. But it did lay the foundation for a brilliant career as she became a regular in the WWE circuit. As the valet for the tag team T&A, Stratus began to gain momentum as her fan base grew larger and larger. And as her fan base grew so did her involvement in the major storylines.

It was obvious that Trish Stratus no longer needed to be anyone’s valet as she became a superstar in her own right. By the end of 2001, Trish had already achieved more than most wrestlers ever achieve in a lifetime. She was controversial as evidenced by a storyline where she stripped down to her underwear and barked like a dog for WWE owner Vince McMahon. She was a pioneer as she appeared in the first ever bra and panties match. And she was talented and respected as she won her first ever Women’s Championship at the culmination of 2001.

The success never ceased in Stratus’ wrestling career as her mat skills improved along with her star power. She was voted WWE Babe of the Year three times, appeared on the cover of the WWE Divas swimsuit magazine, was proclaimed Diva of the Decade, and went on to win the women’s title six more times en route to setting the record for most times holding the Women’s Championship belt.

However, a recent surprise announcement in August of 2006 revealed that Stratus was set to retire from the wrestling world in the middle of September. The abrupt announcement was shocking to many fans of the WWE as Trish Stratus had become a fixture in professional wrestling for the past several years. Her statement was later backed up after Trish won her record seventh Women’s Championship and then ended her career.

Retirements from professional wrestling are certainly never set in stone as former stars such as Hulk Hogan and Sting have proved. But for now, the long, crazy, and extremely successful journey that has been Trish Stratus’ wrestling career appears to be over. That doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the last of Stratus though as she’s sure to stay in the limelight with some of her recent ventures.

Trish Stratus In addition to the modeling that she’s done for world famous photographer Alex Ardenti, she has also signed deals to promote Stacker 2 and Tag Bodyspray. Stratus has also appeared on several television shows including Mad TV and Royal Canadian Air Farce in addition to hosting the 2006 Canada’s Walk of Fame gala.

So luckily, it’s apparent that we’ll still be able to see plenty of Trish Stratus in the future. And that’s a great thing too as no one is quite ready yet to see the sexy blonde fade off into the sunset just yet. In fact, you can check out her hot new picture series at AlexArdenti.net now! And, if you’ll excuse me, I think I have a website to visit.

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