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Testim Testosterone Gel & Powerful New Alternatives for HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

Have you ever dreamed of having insanely high testosterone levels, combined with a muscular explosion and amazing sexual performance? Well a topical testosterone gel called Testim could be the answer to your dreams.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a guy who doesn’t want increased muscle gains, unparalleled sexual performance, and improved cognitive functions. Seeing as how testosterone helps boost all of these qualities, it’s no wonder why many people do whatever it takes to increase their testosterone levels. And one of the most popular ways to do this is through a topical testosterone gel called Testim.

What is Testim?

TestimDoctors often prescribe Testim to patients who have low levels of testosterone because this gel provides an infusion of testosterone into the body. So when this manufactured product is used, it helps increase sexual desire/ability, muscle-building capabilities, motivation, and one’s overall sense of well-being.

How to apply Testim

The nice thing about Testim is that you don’t have to use needles because it’s a topical testosterone gel. In other words, you apply the product directly to your skin, and it will absorb into your dermis. As for the packaging, you can get Testim in either a packet or pump bottle – the latter of which works like a lotion bottle. The packaging normally gives instructions for how much of the product to use on your skin, and the best places to apply Testim are your shoulders and upper arms.

Testim vs. AndroGel

Testosteron Gel CreamIf you’re familiar with AndroGel, you may have noticed that Testim is very similar to this topical testosterone gel. However, there are some slight differences in the products, with one of the most notable being that you should avoid applying Testim to your abdomen (which is fine for AndroGel). Another difference you should note in the Testim vs. AndroGel comparison is that the latter takes longer to absorb into the skin; in fact, it takes 5-6 hours to settle in, while Testim is absorbed in around 2 hours. Finally, keep in mind that Testim is stickier and has more of an odor than AndroGel does.

Testim and AndroGel Alternatives

Ready to send your testosterone levels skyrocketing, while also packing on lean muscle mass? If so, then great... But there may be just one problem – getting a prescription. Assuming you have normal testosterone production, it’s unlikely that your doctor will prescribe you Testim or AndroGel. Now you could always opt for the black market, but there’s no guarantee you won’t end up with some bogus, counterfeit gel that does nothing.

So if you’re looking for a legal alternative that doesn’t require a prescription, one great legal testosterone gel out there is RS Transaderm. This is a safe testosterone gel delivery system that offers many of the same benefits you’ll find in Testim and AndroGel. In fact, this is the most potent legal testosterone gel on the market, and it delivers a massive boost of anabolic steroid precursors and estrogen blockers. Here's a few articles where you can read more:

Breakthrough Testosterone Delivery System Grows Huge Muscle Mass

Testosterone Gel - How RS Transaderm makes your test levels skyrocket

You can get RS Transaderm testosterone gel at Amazon.com and at RuthlessSupplements.com. Just use these links.

Here's their current promotion: Buy 3 get 1 free. Add 4 RS Transaderm testosterone gel to your cart, and you get one free. No codes required, you'll get one testosterone gel applied for free at checkout.

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