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Articles about “Supplements”

Ulitmate Summer Cycle Breakthrough

The last couple of days, I've been sending you articles by EF Moderator Dylan Gemelli about how to run a successful “Recomp cycle” and telling you about the strong ingredients in Primobol Dex that make it the perfect designer supplement to run during your cycle. Here's the links to Part 1 and Part 2.

Today we finish the explanation of the ingredient list in Primobol Dex and explain how each powerful ingredient helps to form a complete cycle in one bottle that you can use to gain the body of your dreams during your “Recomp Cycle”!

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Don't be the fat dude at the beach, there is still time to run a cycle

Yesterday I sent you an article by EF Moderator Dylan Gemelli telling you all about what a “Recomp Cycle” is and just what it takes to achieve massive dry gains, while losing bodyfat all at the same time.  In this article Dylan gets into more of the science of the ultimate recomp agent, Primobol Dex.

Please keep reading on to learn about the powerful ingredients that make up the Primobol Dex formula and how you can harness the power of these ingredients to form the best “Recomp Cycle” of your life!

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The Complete Primobol Dex Recomp Cycle in a Bottle

In the last couple of years, you may have read on the forums about bodybuilders discussing a “Recomp Cycle” or recomposition steroid cycle. Yet perhaps, you still do not understand what this type of cycle is all about.

A “Recomp Cycle” is the absolute best way to gain lean mass and drop bodyfat and to do both all at once. 

Today, my friends at Need to Build Muscle, have sent me Part 1 of their 3 part series about using Primobol Dex, containing the powerful anabolic steroid precursor with Methyldiazirinol, in a Recomp Cycle.

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YohimFlame: The king of Fat Loss is Here, Summer Abs are in this Article

My good friends from N2BM.com have finally released their much awaited topical fat-burner called YohimFlame. This product works in a very powerful way blocking the Estrogen in your body from fatty pockets prone to Estrogenic fat, like your chest and mid section. For women, the product works all over to deliver fat loss everywhere it is sprayed.

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You are wasting most of the protein you eat, here is why.

Your body may not be properly digesting all of the protein you eat, which can slow down your growth, and also embarrass you with smelly gas that is formed from the wasted protein rotting in your gut. Gross.

But there is a solution...

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The Many Benefits of High Testosterone: More Money, More Sex, More Muscle

In today's society, the word testosterone is viewed with a sense of contempt by many people. The mere mention of testosterone can invoke visions of some drooling, 250-pound linebacker with a screaming girl on one arm and a turkey drumstick on the other. Yes, many feminists and poetry-reading males would like us to believe that high test levels are a very bad thing, which I'll discuss more later.

But the truth is that many of you could probably care less about what some raging feminist or Buddhist hipster thinks of you. However, here's something that you might actually care about when it comes to high testosterone: a good portion of women like to pretend to have an interest in nice metrosexual guys, who care more about their eyebrow shape than biceps size.

So is this it? Do we as bodybuilders store the weights away, apply a tinted moisturizer, grab some estrogen pills, and start pouring our feelings out to any girl within a mile radius?

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Oxandrovar: Your Complete Cutting Cycle in 1 Bottle

Time to stop lying to yourself… Are you really doing everything you can to get you six-pack abdominal region looking tight for the summer? Your options for achieving this goal just improved by a thousand percent with the release of OxandroVar!

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YohimFlame Topical Thermogenic Targeted Fat-Burning Spray

My good friends over at N2BM Nutrition have finally released their much awaited spot reduction spray - YohimFlame.  This is a spray packed with fat-burning ingredients in a transdermal matrix that will deliver these fat burning compounds right to the fat cells you want to target the most. YohimFlame can spray the fat away from your chest and oblique areas, the ones that are harder to tighten up.

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VIDEO: Fat Kid's Insane Muscular Transformation with Test Stack No.17

Check out the insane transformation video above sent in by a kid from the EliteFitness.com forums who used Test Stack No.17 to go from fat to ripped in no time flat.

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NOT FOR BEGINNERS: the Testosterone Cyclone Xtreme Radical Variation 2.0

Today, I present to you the insane muscle building variation of the Testosterone Cyclone, the Testosterone Cyclone Xtreme Radical Variation 2.0 - a version that the guys on the EliteFitness.com forums came up with. This cycle is so effective at building muscle, increasing strength, burning fat, and raising libido, because it uses 'experimental' dosages of two designer nutraceuticals - from Ruthless Supplements: RS Transaderm which contains dehydroepiandrosterone (pronounced de-hy-dro-epi-an-dros-ter-one) suspended in a topical emulsion that you apply to your skin just as you would a testosterone gel like Testim or AndroGel. And what's radical about this variation is that the Testosterone Cyclone Xtreme Radical Variation 2.0 replaces the powerful testosterone accelerator, Phytoserms-347 with the even more powerful Test Stack No.17 from TestStackRx.com. This oral testosterone enhancing supplement keeps your natural testosterone levels at their peak while you take a very ambitious dosage of RS Transaderm - a legal supplemental testosterone gel. In this way, you take supplemental testosterone in a very high dose, but at the same time, you prevent any decrease in the production of your natural testosterone in your testis.

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