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Articles about “Supplements”

The Testosterone Cyclone Steroid Cycle: Advanced Steroid Cycle: NOT FOR BEGINNERS

I first wrote about the radical muscle-building Testosterone Cyclone and an insane muscle building variation, the Testosterone Cyclone Xtreme back in 2013.

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Equipoise: Amazing Strength and a Hard, Chiseled Look

Like most anabolic steroids in use today, Equipoise® was originally developed as a veterinary steroid, primarily for horses. Its purpose, like all veterinary steroids, was to bulk up the animals with additional muscle mass and definition. The results gained with equipoise naturally created an interest in the sports and bodybuilding community.

Equipoise is compared by many to Dianabol, primarily because of the great chemical similarity between the two. However, their usage and effects are actually quite different. Equipoise is an injectable anabolic, while Dianabol is ingestible, due to its 17 alpha alkylated (17aa) alteration, which is what allows it to be assimilated through oral application. There are other important differences, as well.

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Test Stack No. 17 - Best Testosterone Booster

You may be well aware that there's a strong correlation between higher testosterone levels and having more lean muscle mass and incredible strength. But did you also know that men with high testosterone also have incredible sex lives, recover from workouts faster, exude more confidence, have lower stress levels and make profitable business decisions - all traits that women find highly desirable in men!?

A large body of research has shown all of this to be true, which is why I'm so excited to tell you about Test Stack No. 17, the extreme testosterone booster that will flood your body with muscle-enlarging, strength-increasing, libido-boosting hormones that lead to all of these benefits and more.

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Gear from NeedtoBuildMuscle.com - Advanced Protein Delivery System & Nutrition Octane Booster

Protein is one of the best – and worst – understood macronutrients in the bodybuilding world. Every bodybuilder knows they need at least a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, but very little is understood about the quality of protein. That’s like telling someone they need to drive 100 miles to get to your house, but not telling them what direction! Proteins are just long chains built up from “links” of various individual amino acids. Some of those links are like titanium: essential amino acids. Other links are more like regular old iron: non-essential amino acids.

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Post Cycle Therapy Done Wrong Can Kill You

Most guys who ruin their health from using Steroids do so during the Post-Cycle period, after the cycle has been long over. Most hurt themselves because they have failed to take the right precautions to recover properly from their Steroid Cycle. Many bodybuilders get so caught up on designing the "Perfect Cycle" that they totally neglect their long-term health and the important Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT). N2BM has been an industry leader in providing Bodybuilders with great products to use during their Post-Cycle Therapy and beyond.

The following article is by EliteFitness.com Moderator Dylan Gemelli explaining why using N2 Guard is so important during Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT). Any bodybuilder who is on a Steroid cycle, just finished their cycle, or is thinking about starting a new steroid cycle, should get their hands on N2 Guard right away! So keep reading to find out why N2 Guard is such a key component in any steroid cycle or Post-Cycle Therapy.

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VIDEO: Fat Kid's Insane Muscular Transformation with Test Stack No.17

Check out the insane transformation video above sent in by a kid from the EliteFitness.com forums who used Test Stack No.17 to go from fat to ripped in no time flat.

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The Testosterone Cyclone Steroid Cycle with FREAKY Before & After Pictures

Many guys at the gym will tell you just how hard it is to put together the perfect cycle. How do you know just what compounds to mix together and when to take them?

Even harder to get right is Post Cycle Therapy or PCT. After your cycle is over, what compounds do you need to take to keep the most muscle possible from your Steroid Cycle? You want to make sure your gains are permanent and easily kept after the cycle is over and you want your natural testosterone production to return to normal. Let's face it, while juicing feels great, at some point you want to stop the cycle and keep all your new muscle mass.

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NOT FOR BEGINNERS: the Testosterone Cyclone Xtreme Radical Variation 2.0

Today, I present to you the insane muscle building variation of the Testosterone Cyclone, the Testosterone Cyclone Xtreme Radical Variation 2.0 - a version that the guys on the EliteFitness.com forums came up with. This cycle is so effective at building muscle, increasing strength, burning fat, and raising libido, because it uses 'experimental' dosages of two designer nutraceuticals - from Ruthless Supplements: RS Transaderm which contains dehydroepiandrosterone (pronounced de-hy-dro-epi-an-dros-ter-one) suspended in a topical emulsion that you apply to your skin just as you would a testosterone gel like Testim or AndroGel. And what's radical about this variation is that the Testosterone Cyclone Xtreme Radical Variation 2.0 replaces the powerful testosterone accelerator, Phytoserms-347 with the even more powerful Test Stack No.17 from TestStackRx.com. This oral testosterone enhancing supplement keeps your natural testosterone levels at their peak while you take a very ambitious dosage of RS Transaderm - a legal supplemental testosterone gel. In this way, you take supplemental testosterone in a very high dose, but at the same time, you prevent any decrease in the production of your natural testosterone in your testis.

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VIDEO: Pussy Whipped Matt, His High Maintenance Wife, Spoiled Rotten Kids & Neighbor Dick

Right now, I'd appreciate your taking a look at this funny animated video. It's the true story of Matt, an average father who lets his wife Nancy wear the pants in their family. Truth be told, I used to be a lot like Matt too.

Finally, Matt took control of his testosterone level, lost a lot of weight, and at the same time, lowered his estrogen level - becoming much more masculine and assertive in the process. This video is a composite of many of my patients over the years - married guys, who once their kids were no longer babies, decided that they wanted to get their lives back and be more of the man they always wanted to be!

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Free Test Stack 17 T-Shirt: Over Your Astounding New Muscles

So my trainer here in Miami is a big fan of Test Stack No.17 - more about this testosterone booster voted #1 by the EliteFitness.com members below. He's definitely not a natural athlete, but he uses Test Stack as his only PCT (post cycle therapy) treatment - and in fact, he stays on it all the time to prevent complete shutdown of his own testosterone production when he's on a cycle. Test Stack has helped both natural and not-so-natural athletes build competition ready physiques by helping them keep their testosterone production sky high. And along with the Test Stack 17 testosterone acceleration comes the positive impact it has on your lean muscle mass gains, reduction in body-fat, increased strength, focus, motivation and drive, and increased libido and other pro-sexual benefits.

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Presenting the Testosterone Cyclone steroid cycle. Is this too advanced for you?

And now without further delay, I present to you the radical muscle-building Testosterone Cyclone cycle, plus an insane muscle building variation, the Testosterone Cyclone Xtreme. This cycle is so effective at building muscle, increasing strength, burning fat, and raising libido

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Chemical Castration in the Modern World & How You Can Fight Back

If you missed my past two articles, you missed our discussion about how changes in the modern world are chemically castrating us. OK, that may be a little extreme, but there is no denying that more and more, we are seeing raw masculinity getting flushed down the toilet. While metrosexuals are out shopping or getting a spa treatment at the salon, the media sits back and reports that "Men are the new women."

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Drowning in a Sea of Estrogen - What you can do

Using a supplement containing Bulbine Natalensis is important, because many of the sources of estrogen pollution in our environment are beyond our control. Toxins in the polluted air we breathe and chemical run-off found in the foods we eat all raise estrogen. Mercury in fish and hormones in meats can raise your estrogen levels too. Household cleaning products and chemical estrogens found in plastic bottles, Styrofoam, cosmetics, shampoo, carpet and other textile fibers, certain paints, some aerosols, food preservatives, artificial ingredients, and personal care products can all contribute to higher levels of estrogen. Other sources include antibacterial soap, plastic shower curtains, Teflon cookware, even cash register receipt paper and the inks used to print on it can lead to higher levels of estrogen.

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Zinc Aspartate to Raise Your Testosterone Levels

A great many hard-training athletes and bodybuilders are actually deficient in the essential mineral Zinc Aspartate. Furthermore, Zinc deficiency is prevalent throughout the entire world, including the United States of America. Both severe and moderate zinc deficiencies are positively correlated with lower testosterone levels in men. And while Zinc deficiency has been shown to lower your testosterone levels, Zinc supplementation has been correlated with an increase in testosterone levels. In fact, hypogonadism (decreased natural testosterone production) can actually result from not having enough Zinc in the diet. Dietary Zinc levels also positively correlate with levels of testosterone in the body, which essentially means, the more Zinc in your body, the higher your levels of testosterone typically will be.

When Zinc is not consumed in adequate levels, the body produces reduced amounts of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) secreted from the pituitary. Men's gonads (testes) are stimulated by this hormone (LH), causing the glorious burst of anabolic goodness when your testosterone is released into your body.

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Using 3, 4 Divanillytetrahydrofuran to Raise Your Testosterone Levels

The dietary supplement 3,4-Divanillytetrahydrofuran is a naturally occurring nettle root extract. In fact, it is the most potent extract from the Urtica dioica plant. This plant ligand attaches to your sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). When your SHBG is attached or bound to 3,4-Divanillytetrahydrofuran, it becomes unable to bind to your free testosterone. This makes your free testosterone levels skyrocket because your SHBG is unable to render your free testosterone inactive. The result is your testosterone level can now exceed your normal range giving you more testosterone available for building muscle and less that goes wasted.

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