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Does having sex destroy sports performance?

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

People have long wondered if sex will have a negative impact on their sports, exercise, bodybuilding, and muscle mass building progress.  Fortunately, you won’t have to wonder any longer since we have the latest research on the subject right here... And our findings about sex and sports, sex and exercise, sex and bodybuilding, and sex and muscle mass building may surprise you!

Those of you who are used to reading my reports know that I am very dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding and it is one of my greatest passions.  With that being said, I must confess that if I had to either give up bodybuilding or sex, I would give up bodybuilding in a heartbeat. 

Sex Impact on Sports & Exercise Sure I love sculpting my body and trying to maximize my muscles to their fullest potential.  But I could never give up being able to lay down for a long night of sex with a hot babe.  It’s what I live for and much of the reason why I work out so much!  Even still, I’ve always been concerned over whether or not my long sex sessions have a negative impact on my sports, exercise, bodybuilding, and muscle mass gains. In other words, should I really be taking a cold shower instead if I want peak performance?

In fact, I’m not the only one who is concerned because there are thousands of fellow bodybuilders out there who are worried about the same thing.  Seeing as how this is a constant fear among so many bodybuilders, I decided to take a much closer look at how sex affects a person’s progress in sports, exercise, bodybuilding, and muscle mass acquisition.  And some of the latest findings were much to my surprise!


Before we get into the latest findings on how sex impacts workout performance, let’s check out the subject of libido.  As many of you already know, libido is just another word for a person’s sex drive.  And you may also know that much of this drive comes from your testosterone levels.  As testosterone levels increase in a person, so will their libido; likewise, lower testosterone levels will cause libido to decrease.  Of course I haven’t revealed any great secrets yet, but things get better...

Seeing as how higher testosterone levels increase your sex drive, it’s very reasonable to want to raise these levels for higher libido.  This is why bodybuilding is so great because it will not only help you build muscle, but it also raises your testosterone production.  However, you can’t just run into the gym and start wildly lifting weights because there is more to the story.

What raises and what destroys testosterone

Not all bodybuilding exercises are created equally in terms of testosterone production.  As far as increasing your testosterone (and subsequently your libido), compound exercises are the best because they use lots of muscle fibers within the body at one time. 

And when you’re using lots of muscle fibers, your body will circulate much more testosterone throughout the body.  Some of the compound exercises that will really get your libido going include lunges, squats, bench press, deadlifts, power cleans, and the shoulder press. 

But just as you can increase testosterone production through workouts, you can also destroy it in one major way... overtraining.  When you are overtraining you release too much testosterone during a workout which is obviously a killer in the libido department.  The key here is to gradually increase your workout load so that you can avoid overtraining.

How sex impacts workouts

Now that we’ve covered the subjects of libido and working out, let’s look at how the two impact each other.  Generally speaking, some bodybuilders have a fear that sex will hurt their performance since it uses a fair amount of testosterone.  In fact, athletes in general have long feared the possibility that sex could ruin their performances.  I still look back to the first Rocky movie where Rocky’s trainer Mick says, “Women weaken legs!”    

But in reality, the opposite is true because sex causes a big testosterone release which only gets more of this hormone circulating throughout the body.  With increased testosterone circulating through the body, athletic performance is enhanced and more muscle tissue is built. 

Chris Byrd Sex Performance StudyI saw this fact proven on a FSN show called “Sports Science” where they tested the whole myth of sex affecting athletic performance - sports, exercise, bodybuilding, and muscle mass .  In this episode, heavyweight champion boxer Chris Byrd abstained from having sex for a week prior to being tested on the show so they could see his performance without sex. 

After having his athletic performance tested before sex, Byrd went and had sex with his wife multiple times (“a 12 round brawl” as he put it) so he could be tested afterwards.  The results of the test definitely dispelled the myth that sex ruins athletic performance as Byrd’s cardio remained the same while his leg strength and punching power actually improved.    

For those who think that Chris Byrd might have sandbagged the pre-sex test, Sports Science proved that he didn’t with blood and testosterone measurements.  This is where an amazing finding was revealed when Byrd’s testosterone levels were shown to have increased over 20% after sex!  You can check out both part 1 and part 2 of this excellent Sports Science episode right here!

So in short, having sex will only help your athletic performance rather than hindering sports and exercise progress. The same holds true for sex and bodybuilding in that you don’t have to worry about suffering through poor workouts while you’re sexually active.  In fact, you can have a healthy sex life and do just as well, if not better in the gym!

One thing you will want to watch out for in regards to sex and your training performance is having sex too close to a workout.  Sex right before a big workout or playing sports can cause muscle fatigue which will no doubt hamper your gym sessions.  If you find this to be the case with you, then by all means wait till after your workout to have sex.

How working out impacts sex

One thing that must also be discussed in regards to sex and training is the reverse in how working out impacts sex.  As mentioned before, sex can have a positive effect on bodybuilding because it increases testosterone production.  The same can be true of exercise since being in better shape will no doubt improve your sexual performance.  However, there are some things you should watch out for in bodybuilding that could hurt your chances of pleasing you partner in bed.

In addition to the aforementioned overtraining, those who are trying to cut their body fat should also beware – especially when you’re going for the low single digits.  When your body fat starts to drop this low, your libido will decrease drastically.  Aside from this, you might also have trouble sustaining the extra energy to have sex with your partner.  With this being the case, you definitely need to watch your body fat levels if your sex life begins to suffer.

Another thing you should be mindful of is what supplements and/or steroids you are taking.  Failing to properly stack both your supplements and steroids can really hurt your sexual performance and may even hurt your libido.  So make sure to do your research on whatever supplements and/or steroids you choose to take.

Workout dos and don'ts aside, the most important thing to take from all of this is that you can have a great sex life and still get maximum results in the gym.  Sure you might need to be a little careful with the timing of sex before gym visits or the big game, but the key is that you don’t need to worry about weak legs or “wasting” testosterone during sex.  In fact, you should really worry more about not having tons of sex – or start chasing after hot babes if you aren’t getting any! 

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