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N2Burn turbocharges your metabolism – burn more fat with each rep and every step

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

In today's newsletter I want to share with you a great article about a new fat-burning product designed by my good friend Nathan Chase, also known as needtogetaas on the Elite Fitness forums.  Nathan or “needto” as most people call him, has been a great contributor to our forums and the underground bodybuilding world.  Nathan is not only a supplement designer and company owner, but he is also an accomplished writer who has sold thousands of copies of his very popular “Anabolic Kitchen” eBook, now on sale at the Elite Fitness Store.

Today, Nate brings you “N2Burn” which is what he considers to be the most powerful fat-burner in existence, because it was designed to attack fat loss from all angles, even focusing on problem areas like the belly in men and the legs and arm fat in women.  This truly is a great article about a remarkable product that you will enjoy reading about and also help you in understand the mechanisms of fat storage and why it is so hard to lose the fat  once you put it on.  Enjoy :)

N2Burn turbocharges your metabolismburn more fat with each rep and every step!

 Did you know that more weight loss books are sold in the United States each year than almost any other kind? That is only because these people haven’t heard of N2Burn yet!

 Need To Build Muscle's new product: N2 Burn is the all-in-one solution for burning pounds of body fat quickly and easily.  While helping you in keeping the weight off in the  long term!

  That’s because we designed N2Burn to:

  • Turbocharge your metabolism for quick fat loss that you can see from the first week!
  • Melt bodyfat by helping your body use it for energy amking you burn pounds quickly!
  • Destroy appetite to keep you from eating what you shouldn't today and to help you shape your eating habits for tomorrow!

 It just plain will help you:


N2Burn is the very first fat-burning supplement to be produced under the Need to Build Muscle name – and with good reason. Me and my team took years researching and testing raw ingredients so that we could produce the most complete fat burning nutritional supplement on the market. And we have! We put everything we know works into this formula, and that’s because Need To Build Muscle, is not just a supplement company, me and my team are supplement consumers too. So we will only make products we'd want to take ourselves, we only use what we know works safely and effectively, because our own health and reputation depends on it!

While designing N2Burn we started off by targeting the metabolism, and figuring out what ingredients would maximize our time in the gym and on the treadmill or bike. In other words, we’re already training hard, but we wanted something to not only help us train even harder, but also to help us get better results for the same effort, without necessarily spending more time in the gym. Getting the maximal result from even the most minimal of efforts, that’s where the enhanced metabolism ingredients in the N2Burn formula come in.

Your metabolism controls how calories in the form of foodstuffs, i.e. macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fats are broken-down by the body. People with low or sluggish metabolisms are the ones who eat moderate afood portions and can’t lose weight, and when they do eat more than usual, they store every surplus calorie as body fat. They can't help it, their body just won't let go of those extra pounds of fat!  Their bodies have been hardwired by genetics and evolution to stay ready for the next famine or food shortage, and they are very “efficient” at expending very few calories while converting the surplus into stored energy. What is that stored energy? You guessed it: F-A-T!

But while certain types of fat cells are responsible for storing energy, other fat cells (called brown adipose tissue, or BAT) are actually responsible for generating body heat. Ever wonder how cute, chubby babies gobecome thin toddlers within a year or two? It’s because babies need to stay warm, so they carry a lot of the heat-producing fat(BAT) instead of the beach-body-ruining energy-storage type you are so trying to get rid of. N2Burn contains a precise ratio of ingredients in Green Tea Extract (EGCG), brown seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida), and Norsynephrine Hydrochloride (Octopamine), all of which have been scientifically proven to stimulate heat production from BAT, and the more body heat you’re producing, the higher your metabolism is even while resting!

With a high metabolism, your body uses a ton more calories to complete everyday tasks like walking to the gym and making love to your partner. This increase in caloric demands, will cause the food you eat to be used for energy on the spot, instead of being stored as body fat. The difference in people’s metabolisms(metabolic rate) is why two people can eat the same diet and perform the same training routine, but one loses weight and gets RIPPED, and the other only makes minimal progress. This is why we designed N2Burn, as to not waste our time getting 50% of the results we should be getting from your crunches and your stairmaster – using N2Burn you get 100% out of every rep and step.

But even after you’ve ramped up your metabolism, sometimes you’ve still got “problem areas” – if you’re a guy maybe your abs are a little blurry while the rest of you is sharp and defined, or if you’re a woman maybe your legs or arms haven’t hardened up as much as you’d like. That’s because of something called your "alpha-receptors" and how concentrated they are in these body parts, and they are telling your body to hold on to the fat in those areas. Believe me, we know how frustrating this can be; dieting for months and not having a 6-pack or being able to fit into your skinny jeans.

In order to deal with these alpha-receptors we have formulated N2Burn to contain Yohimbe Hydrochloride and also Alpha-Yohimbe. These two compounds stop your alpha-receptors from sending that signal to your body by antagonizing (or blocking) them. The end result is that your body is now able to liberate that fat from the problem areas, and almost like magic, while looking at the mirror every day, you will see new definition you never thought you’d have.

Some may say that diet and training is all you need, but none of that matters if you’re on a strict diet and too tired to put 100% into each workout. We’ve provided an energy boosting dose of Caffeine in N2Burn…not only to provide that extra “kick” to your training, but also because it elevates your resting metabolism – yeah, so you burn more calories even if you’re doing nothing! This isn’t the same as just drinking a grande’ latte, getting all wired up, and crashing before lunch, either. That’s because we also added Naringin to each pill, which has been proven to extend the effects of caffeine by up to 23% – and Evodia Rutaecarpa which also boosts the body’s ability to use caffeine.  This ingredient combination in N2Burn makes caffeine a much more effective fat-burner than it could ever be on its own!

Remember when I mentioned that diet books are selling off the shelves at most book stores? Well many of them focus on the benefits of elevating your metabolism through boosting thyroid output. It’s become a running joke that whenever someone has difficulty losing weight they say that they have a “thyroid problem.” But as is often the case, there’s a lot of truth in humor. The thyroid has a direct influence on the amount of calories burned - that’s why N2Burn contains Ashwagandha, which has been shown in medical studies to not only boost T3, the active thyroid hormone, but also T4, the building block of T3.

Unfortunately, when you consume less calories than usual, as you do on a diet, the thyroid gland responds by slowing down and burning less calories. That’s why people hit a plateau when they’re dieting, forcing them to keep cutting calories or adding butt-numbing minutes on the stationary bike. We’ve played that game before and we think it’s a loser…you can only cut calories so far, and you’ve only got so much time in a day to train. So to keep your thyroid burning as many calories as possible, N2Burn contains Olive leaf, which can elevate T3 levels all on it's own, as well as adding N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Diiodotyrosine, and gugglesterones, all of which will keep your thyroid up to speed and burning maximum calories.

That’s why N2Burn is a must-have product for anyone looking to get totally ripped, or even just drop those last (or first) few pounds…so pick yourself up a bottle today and see for yourself!  N2Burn not only will help you make the most of each workout almost tripling your results, but will actually give you the energy you need to get motivated  to take your ass to the gym and train! - After training, N2Burn will make sure your body continues burning calories as heat at a much higher rate, while curbing your appetite so you only eat the stuff you should, and not give into cravings! - N2Burn is also the only product that combines alpha-receptor blocking agents to make sure the fat comes off your problem areas of body the body, like the belly in men and the leg and arm fat in women, all the while using proven ingredients to boost your thyroid output so your metabolism stays at a hard and steady pace...   

When we created N2Burn we knew we had something special in our hands, and all of our testing data came back showing better than expected results.  The combination of these ingredients really do complement each other and make for a single great product for maximum fat-loss...  We love N2Burn, and we so sure that you will love it too, this is why we will let you try N2Burn right now, and if you don't agree that you are burning pounds of body-fat from the first week of use, we will gladly take the products back and issue you a full refund...  That is right!  You don't have to decide to become a believer just yet, you can try N2Burn now and if you don't agree that it is the absolute best fat burning agent you have ever tried, we will take the product back and you pay nothing!  You can't get much better than that! 

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Yours in sport,

George Spellwin

George Spellwin