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My Experience with Stealth Injectables Anabolic Steroids

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

My friend Anthony Roberts sent me the following article about his experience with Stealth Injectables.

My Experience with Stealth Injectables

By Anthony Roberts

imageAlthough Stealth Injectables are just recently experiencing a surge in popularity, I had the good fortune of trying them out about half a year ago, before they first hit the mass market. At the time, I wasn’t yet on Hormone Replacement Therapy, and was still obtaining all of my anabolics from the black market, so I was more than interested in trying out a product from a new manufacturer... and since I knew some of the parties involved in formulating the products and marketing them, I was sure that I would be getting a good product.

Most people know that I typically favor cycles built around a base of testosterone and usually I tend to include Masteron as well. Since I was just finishing up a cycle of Boldenone (base) and a couple of different types of test (Prop + Suspension), this would be a great time to switch up compounds and give a new product a try. So I requested a couple of sachets of SuperTest (a 450mg test blend containing 5 different types of various short, medium, and long esters) and some Stealth Masteron (100mgs/mg of Drostanolone Propionate). I’ve known the parties involved in Stealth Labs for years now, and typically speak to them at least a couple of times a month... that’s an important factor when I decide to try out a new Underground Lab, because at this stage in my career, I almost always avoid the new UG’s who seem to be popping up every other day. In fact, except for Stealth Labs, I haven’t used a new Underground Lab in years. But knowing the parties involved (and the shipping method), I just had to give this stuff a go.

I should add at this point that I’m also very hesitant to have anything shipped to me, because even though I’m far from “famous”- I tend to think that a Post Office Box with the name “Anthony Roberts” on it may draw a bit of attention that I don’t want. Nonetheless, I requested my preferred stack of Test + Masteron, and waited for it to arrive - which it did, about ten days later. Since I knew exactly how much of each product I had ordered, I only had to check the codes on the otherwise identical sachets in order to figure out which ones contained each product. Oh... in case you weren’t aware, each sachet is disguised as something else, to avoid detection by customs, and imprinted on each sachet is a code which tells you exactly what’s in it.

So I received my first non-domestic United States order in nearly a decade, and I was on my way home to figure out exactly how to get it from the sachets into some kind of sterile receptacle. The first thing that was a problem for me was the pressure gradient of the sachets. You see, with a normal sterile vial, you can inject a couple of cc’s of air into it, therefore increasing the pressure gradient and making it easier to withdraw the oil. With sachets, there is no pressure gradient to speak of, and you can’t inject air into it. So what I did was I opened up one corner of the sachet and inserted a 1.5” needle into the hole, and started to withdraw oil. After that, I shot the oil into a vial I had left over from my last cycle. I suppose I could have just kept the oil in the pin and shot it directly out of the pin I drew it with, but I wanted to have it all in a vial, so I wouldn’t have a ton of pins lying around for the duration of my cycle. When the sachets started to get empty, I sort of “rolled” them up like a spent tube of toothpaste and pushed the oil towards the needle I was using to extract them. Honestly, I spilled a bit of oil when I was transferring it from the sachets into the vial, but they must be overfilled by a decent amount, because I still got enough oil out of each sachet to produce 5mls in the vial.

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I have to warn you though some people find the shots to be pretty painful. I’ve done so many shots over the years, I’m pretty used to painful shots... Stealth didn’t particularly bother me in that respect. However, I am aware that many users experience pain from Stealth Labs products. This is easily remedied by either cutting the Stealth Oil with some sterile oil or B-12 (I always keep some B-12 around just in case I need to cut some oil-based steroids with it). Honestly, right now I’m using human grade gear (from a compounding pharmacy, as per my prescription), and I can’t say that Stealth products are any more painful, or create any more soreness than the Testosterone Propionate I get straight from my doctor.

So how did the cycle go? Well, the Test and Masteron produced the same kind of results I’ve gotten from any high quality gear... I was sorry to see the last of it go, actually. Over the last decade, I’ve probably tried everything from Human Grade to most of the Underground Labs, and everything in-between. Out of all the gear I’ve tried, I have to say that the combination of Test and Masteron is still my favorite cycle. The truth of the matter is that I’ve done nearly every different type of test, and was even one of the first people to ever try Masteron Enanthate, before it became commercially available. Stealth Products felt like they worked as well as any products I’ve ever used, and like I’ve said - I’ve used a lot of different products over the years.

A few weeks after I first tried Stealth Labs’ products, they were introduced to the market and I wrote an article about them. Then, a few weeks after that, they were sent away to a lab to be tested, and the results confirmed my initial impression of the products... that they are accurately dosed, as claimed by the manufacturer. As the weeks and months went by, after the initial product launch of the Stealth line, I got some feedback from other users who I know and all of them were happy with their products. In fact (and I typically consider this to be the most important factor in judging someone’s satisfaction with a given product) - all of the people I know who have used Stealth Injectables have made a second purchase.

Also, it’s very noteworthy that Stealth Labs has actually made their reputation through being an innovative company (Stealth Packaging) and providing a quality product. Most other new labs follow a pretty standard formula in order to get their “reputation” known on the steroid forums around the net. Basically, what happens is someone decides to run their own lab (usually a moderator on whatever board the lab’s name first appears on), and they offer products for free (or at cost) to the staff on the board they are starting out on. Most of the mods then become “references” for that source, and often participate in a referral program for the source- i.e. when they get a source-check for a competing lab, they say something like “Yeah, he’s ok, but I usually use SuperGoodLabs@Hushmail.com” or something clever like that. Then when the person goes to SuperGoodLabs and mentions the moderator who gave them the reference, that mod is credited and usually receives free products in return. That’s usually how most underground labs get their start and their initial client base. Stealth Labs is really one of my favorite labs because they never went that route... they just appeared on the market and because of their unique packaging they had a lot of people interested in becoming clients. And like I said, because they produce a nice quality product, they keep their clients and earn a lot of repeat business. No bribes to mods necessary here.

So that was my experience with Stealth Injectables, and a little bit extra information for you... and although I’ve used many different brands of underground products over the last few years, Stealth has definitely made it onto my short list of favorites. Learn more at SteroidProfiles.com.

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