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Become a Male Fitness Model - the Top 10 Tips

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

While 300-pound pro bodybuilders may look massive and intimidating, it’s the well-proportioned fitness models who are picking up all of the hot women and magazine covers. If you’d like to join these lucky guys in babe paradise, pay attention to our top 10 tips on getting built like a fitness model.

In all honesty, one of the biggest reasons why we enjoy bodybuilding is because it gets us attention. After all, what bodybuilder doesn’t enjoy walking into a restaurant or mall, and having everybody gawk at their massive biceps and huge traps? However, most people draw a line at how big they’re willing to get because – while freakish builds like that of Markus Ruhl or Jay Cutler may get you all of the attention in the world – it’s not necessarily going to score you hot women.

Male Model Rob Riches

Male Fitness Model and EF Member Rob Riches

Instead, most bodybuilders eventually aspire to develop a ripped, well-proportioned build like that of a male fitness model. It isn’t hard to see why either because it’s usually some model like Sagi Kalev or Rob Riches that we see on magazine covers with a perfect 10 draped all over him. And believe it or not, things don’t change much from the magazine covers to real life. So if you’re interested in achieving the insanely-desirable fitness stud look that women love, here are our top 10 tips for how to get built like a fitness model.

Male Fitness Model Male Fitness Model Tip #1 – Be willing to sacrifice Strength for Looks

Nobody makes a New Year’s resolution to lose 20 pounds off of their bench press over the next year. But when your main focus is to get cut, sometimes you’ll lose a little bit of strength in the process. This being said, do what it takes to achieve your overall goal by putting in extra cardio and eating clean – rather than eating to add bulk. Also, forget about impressing other guys in the gym by lifting heavy when you may need to scale back some instead. 

Male Fitness Model Tip #2 – Up your Anaerobic Threshold

At the risk of sounding overly-obvious, I’d like to say that you need to increase your current level of cardio in order to achieve a fitness model physique. However, you don’t just wake up one morning and decide that you’re going to go from walking 1 mile daily to running 5 miles a day; instead, you need to steadily increase your anaerobic threshold (AT). Expanding on anaerobic threshold, this refers to your body’s ability to remove lactic acid. Simply put, a higher AT level enables you to work out harder, longer, and recover quicker the next day. Interval training on the treadmill or at an outdoor track is a great way to increase your AT, while there are various other forms of hard exercise that can do the job too.

Male Fitness Model Tip #3 – Strongly consider doing Pilates

The mere mention of this tip might have you rolling your eyes while thinking about the middle-aged, minivan-driving moms who huddle up in posh gyms for Pilates class. Moving past the wimpy stereotype, Pilates is actually a pretty solid workout routine that builds lean muscle, flexibility, and endurance throughout the body. In addition to the obvious physical benefits that Pilates offers, it also relieves stress and helps increase agility. So if you’re truly looking for a new type of exercise that challenges you in unique ways, check out a class sometime. You might even meet some non-middle-aged, mini-driving chicks in the process!

Male Fitness Model Tip #4 – Gradually reduce your Caloric Intake

It goes without saying that a great way to shed a few pounds involves cutting your calories. But do keep in mind that drastically reducing your food intake is by no means a shortcut to getting shredded abs. Sure it might make sense mathematically that, by eating far fewer calories, you’ll lose far more weight. But your body’s metabolic process doesn’t work like a calculator. Instead, it will go into starvation mode when you cut up to 1,000 or more calories out of your daily eating schedule; when this happens, your body stores nearly everything that’s eaten in an effort to maintain homeostasis. Case in point, start with dropping 400-500 calories off your daily diet and go from there.

Male Fitness Model Tip #5 – Drink Water….and then drink some more

Sometimes it amazes me how many athletes hit the gym regularly and constantly eat clean, yet forget one very important step in their routine: drinking water. First off, water helps you stay hydrated throughout the day, which, in turn, powers you through tough workouts. Secondly, water plays a huge role in metabolizing all of the protein you eat – or at least should be eating. So rather than opting for sugary juices or soda, be sure to keep water on hand at all times.

Male Fitness Model Tip #6 – Don’t obsess over Crunches and Sit-ups

One common tendency among bodybuilders who suddenly resolve to favor build over mass involves going crazy with crunches and sit-ups. And this is sometimes even true of people who know that their abs aren’t going to get chiseled without lots of cardio. Whatever the case, it’s important to understand that while crunches and sit-ups do build your ab muscles and make them more visible, you’re not going to see truly-defined abs until you put some major cardio work in as well.

Male Fitness Model Tip #7 – Test out the 50-30-20 Ratio

Let me start this piece of advice off by saying that no two people are going to respond “exactly” the same to a certain ratio of carbs, protein and fat. However, if you’re completely at a loss for how much of each nutrient you should be eating, the answer is not the Atkins diet or fat-free diet. Instead, a good starting point is to eat 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat each day. Depending on how your body responds to the diet, you might tinker with the percentages; however, this serves as a nice starting point for getting shredded like a fitness model.

Male Fitness Model Tip #8 – Practice Short Rests, Lower Weights

A good way to get away from the aforementioned heavy lifting mentality is to throw in plenty of workouts with shorts rests and lower weights. For example, you could do sets of 12 reps where you’re only taking 45-second breaks in between each set. Assuming you can keep up with a brutal workout like this, you’ll be getting in an intense, muscle-building session. Of course, this isn’t to say that you have to completely abandon the heavier weights – just mix in some tough, short-rest sessions too.

Male Fitness Model Tip #9 – Don’t forget to Rest

While training like a fitness model can be an intense, year-round ordeal, this doesn’t mean that you should be in the gym 24/7. Instead, your body will respond better if you completely take some days off each week. For example, if you work a couple of different muscle groups every day, you could work out for five straight days, then take two straight days off. Whatever path you choose, just make sure that you’re taking some days off so your body has time to rebuild.  

Male Fitness Model Tip #10 – Consider using Steroids

Depending upon how closely you want to resemble a true male fitness model, you may need to use steroids to get there. The sad reality is that we’re not all born with perfect genetics that enable us to cut fat easily while effortlessly gaining muscle. Plus many top fitness models and bodybuilders have used roids to get where they are today, which means those who are shooting for the top should think about doing the same. If you’re totally new to juicing, it’s extremely important to learn everything you can about the subject before buying a single pill. The EliteFitness forum is a great place to learn about using steroids because our site is loaded with information.

But if your fitness model-like aspirations are a little more tempered, you can still develop a better body just by following the first nine tips in this guide.

Male Fitness Model

Male Fitness Model and EF Member Rob Riches

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