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Jay Cutler reveals Pro Bodybuilding Steroid Secrets

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

Jay CutlerIf you’ve ever had aspirations of becoming a pro bodybuilder with a big-time supplement contract, listen to the words of Jay Cutler on how to make it to the top. Also, find out just how much of a role steroids play in the success of top-level bodybuilders.

Anyone who’s ever taken the contest stage can tell you that, most of the time, bodybuilding is not a glamorous sport. Athletes spend countless hours working out in the gym, preparing meals, working on poses and doing research – all for their 30 seconds on stage. Of course, if you can make it to the top, all of your hard work will pay off in the form of fame, admiring babes, magazine covers and a fat supplement contract.

Unfortunately, most people never get close to this level of bodybuilding because it’s so highly competitive at the top. Even still, it’s always fun to dream about ascending to the sport’s highest level, and receiving the accolades and money that come along with doing so. Assuming you’re curious about what it takes to get here, take a look at what Jay Cutler and others have to say about bodybuilding success, and the role steroids play in achieving it.

Jay Cutler’s Take

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When you’re looking at the most successful bodybuilders in history, Jay Cutler certainly ranks towards the top. After all, he’s won four Mr. Olympia titles, and finished runner-up in six other Mr. Olympia contests. And if you guessed that Cutler’s success can be attributed to the insane amount of time he dedicates to the sport, you’re right.

As Cutler himself said, “I make no plans in my day. It’s a very selfish business.” He also added, “I eat around the clock, but am only hungry for three meals a day. You got to feed the machine.” And feed the machine he does since Cutler eats anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 calories a day, with chicken breasts being at the center of many meals. The bodybuilding champion’s eating schedule is like clockwork too since he dines every two-and-a-half hours.

Interestingly enough, Cutler’s dieting takes up far more of his day than training does; he lifts for around two hours and gets in an hour of cardio daily. Cutler believes this is in stark contrast to what the average person thinks about a pro bodybuilder’s schedule as he said, “They think we work out eight hours a day, and they have that theory, “If I took steroids I’d look like him.”

Bodybuilding Lifestyle

As Cutler alluded to, steroids aren’t everything in bodybuilding. But if one wants any chance at making it to the top of the sport, roids are definitely an integral part. 42-year-old Ron Stevens, who has 15 years of experience in the sport, definitely agrees with this statement as he said, “You can't compete without it (steroids).” He continued by saying, “After a few shows, I had to make that decision (to use roids). Do I want to be a bodybuilder?” Judging by his hulking 275-pound physique, the answer to his question was a resounding ‘yes.’

Like Jay Cutler, Stevens is also a dedicated bodybuilder – though not anywhere near as rich or famous. He’s one of many athletes who train religiously, eat endless amounts of food, and have a personal grocery list that could feed a family of five. But the tough part for the large majority of these bodybuilders is that they don’t have big supplement contracts or Mr. Olympia money to fuel their training efforts. In fact, most serious bodybuilders work regular jobs such as personal training or bartending in hopes that one day they’ll reach the top.

Cutler himself lived like this for years as he said, “I worked two jobs, had a crappy car, spent every dollar I had on bodybuilding.” Of course, in the end, it has definitely paid off since he’s made millions through bodybuilding contests, and much, much more than this with endorsement contracts. This being said, guys like Cutler definitely give us something to shoot for….or at least daydream about.

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