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24 Hour Notice - Hypertrophy MAX Closes Tonight at Midnight [top 10 list]

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

24 Hour Notice: The Hypertrophy M.A.X. program closes its doors to new members tonight and does not re open until December 2015.  

==> Hypertrophy M.A.X. is CLOSING It's Doors TONIGHT <------- Less than 24 hours to Test Drive Phase 1 on YOUR TERMS
Are you one of the 689 new members?! If so, stop reading & go introduce yourself on the Private HMAX Forum, it's BOOMING!

Still thinking about joining?

If so, I've put together my Top 10 'Non Hype' Reasons for why it would

be a rock-solid decision to work with Pros Ben & Vince before they close registration tonight.

Now... here's the top 10 reasons you would be extremely wise, especially if you're tired of busting your butt at the gym only to look the same as last month...   

1. Hypertrophy MAX is the ONLY Pro-Created 12-month muscle building program that PERIODIZES all 6 scientifically-proven variables of muscle growth into a simple, strategic and step-by-step system -- delivering COLOSSAL gains in size & strength!

2. The program has a 84% "retention rate" which means that of the 1,121 members who joined in June 2012, 84% of them are STILL going strong. In the Internet world, 84% retention after 6-months is JUST MIND BLOWING and PROVES that paying members are seeing

results they never though possible... 

==> Get 12-Months of KILLER Muscle Building Workouts  <------- Get 60% Off Until Tonight   

3. You can commit to the entire 12-months of hardcopy newsletters, monthly DVD's, phone coaching & private forums for a WHOPPING 60% off the retail price if you pay in full.  It's a legit $667 saving!

Vinny just told me that 58% of the members have taken the PAID IN FULL option showing their commitment to getting FOCUSED for the next 12 months - NO more wasting time surfing the Interwebz and getting lost in complex and conflicting academic debate...  This is ALL about applying methods & strategies that WORK in the real world... this is all about REMODELING your physique in 2013. 

3. If you're skeptical or just a discerning steward of your money, you can have the entire Phase 1 Package shipped to your front door ON  YOUR TERMS.  You can NAME YOUR PRICE for the first phase and if H-MAX delivers the goods then you can stay on board. If not, cancel! 

==> Hypertrophy M.A.X. is CLOSING It's Doors TONIGHT <------- Last chance to Name Your Price  

4. The 'Pause & Prime' Preparatory Phase & MI40 Execution Videos for FREE.  Everyone that signs up this week is now going to get the Primer Phase and this is something you MUST keep for the rest of your life, this is exactly what you MUST do before you start ANY program. This is truly the BEST way to prime your muscles and ensure maximum growth. End of story.

Get this today only!

5. You get to work with not one but two of the world's most respected and knowledgable coaches who have 29-years of combined experience, Honors Kinesiology Degrees, over 100,000 online success students,  634 in person clients and 24 combined competitions!  I dare you to find two coaches with the same track record!  With all that said, Ben and Vince are still two regular guys who have a passion for fitness using their success as a platform to coach and inspire you.

6. NEW ANNOUCEMENT:: A number of people missed Tuesdays' Fast Action Bonus: Ben Pakulski's Advanced Hypertrophy & Fat Loss Techniques  seminar video and you're going to get that for *FREE* too, it's already on the members page to watch through the holidays. This was a seminar attendees paid $150 get get access to and you won't pay a penny! 

Bonus Today Only

7. If you want GAME CHANGING results, you NEED A COACH. A coach has ONE primary goal:


You will know EXACTLY how to eat and train each day and your job is very simple: EXECUTE and focus on making TODAY your best day ever. Follow the workouts. Follow the diet. Rest when they say rest and grow faster than ever before.

==> 60% Off Hypertrophy MAX + Bonuses <------- Closing tonight! 

8. You're getting 1 unique hypertrophy model (i.e workout) each month and every month is built upon the previous one. These are not your generic Muscle & Fiction workouts! Each one is HAND DESIGNED by two Pros with exercise science degrees. Every 30 days you'll have a new workout program to look forward to, and your gains will NEVER halt because the workouts are periodized.

Many of you have NOT followed a "12 month plan" and I know that might sound daunting but you're ONLY getting ONE phase at a time, to keep you FOCUSED. No looking ahead. No get distracted. LASER LIKE FOCUS!

Every phase is skillfully balanced, organized and progressed off the previous one.  We're giving you a MAP.  It's amazing how much faster you get to your destination when you get on the right road and avoid detours!

9. Monthly Coaching Calls with us and your fellow members to trouble shoot your questions!  And a private members forum that is already BOOMING.   

10. The program is HARDCOPY!  Each month your new Phase will be shipped to your front door (we pay the shipping & handling for every month but the first one ! ) Our goal is to keep this content EXCLUSIVE for members only.   It'll feel like Christmas morning every time you see your new envelope in the mail.   

Bonus Reason:  The PRICE. Would you really invest this kind of money and NOT take action?  Let's admit it: MONEY MOTIVATES. Can you really afford to invest $97 a month and NOT follow through?  Investing in a $9 or $27 program is good and all but does it REALLY hurt if it collects dust on your computer? Not really!  HMAX is for SERIOUS fitness enthusiasts ONLY! Bonus Reason: Until tonight, you're also getting a *FREE* 12-month membership  to Live Large TV, the most educational, entertaining and empowering online show watched by 4,898 males & males from around the world every Monday at 7pm EST....   

Free All Access to Live Large

Your In Good Company: 59% of the members who've joined since Tuesday

have committed to the entire 12-months. This means A LOT of people trust Ben & Vince and you can, too. They won't disappoint and if for any reason they do then you're  free to cancel any month. There is no long term commitment. 

Okay, it's decision time.  2015 is YOUR year.

Go, Name Your Price based on what you think this Phase 1 Package is worth to YOU.  Make them an offer. I know they are entertaining anything reasonable.

But they are not taking any more offers after midnight tonight!  The doors will be closed until December 2015 and you'll be put on a Waiting List...

Don't let that happen. You still have time. Act now:

==> Completely Remodel Your Physique in 2015 <------- Last Day to Name Your Price  

To remodeling your physique in 2015,

24 Hour Notice - Hypertrophy MAX Closes Tonight [top 10 list]

by IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski - creator of the Hypertrophy M.A.X. Program

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski

Yours in sport,

George Spellwin

George Spellwin