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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Handbook for building muscle, burning fat and fast workout recovery.

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

The HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Handbook - a complete guide to using HGH for building muscle, burning fat, and increasing workout recovery time from EliteFitness.com Forums moderator AAP.

What will HGH (Human Hormone Growth) do for me?

Nothing. A lot. It really depends on "you", your expectations, your training, diet, other supplementation use, etc..  By itself, HGH will induce more fat burning and muscle recovery than normal. However, even though HGH is cheaper now than it was years ago, it is still a rather expensive option for those just wanting to burn some fat. (adjust the diet, hit the cardio you fat slags).

Combining HGH with Androgen Anabolic Steroids(AAS) is where it's real magic lies because of it's synergistic nature. Think of AAS as regular grade gasoline and HGH turning them into higher premium grade fuel. You can get better results from anabolic steroids and use less of them just by incorporating HGH.

With Steroids, HGH will still increase fat burning, but the main advantage is in it's recovery support. You recovery faster, heal better and often old nagging injuries are reduced to a degree. Which basically comes down to a simple mathematical formula on why it is a great weapon in the chemical enhancement arsenal.

The faster you recovery = the faster you can work the muscle again = the more workout per year that your muscles gets = the more growth that occurs.

If you work each muscle group once a week, that is 52 workouts per year. Which is 52 times you have the opportunity to induce growth (Doesn't sound like much huh?).  Increasing your recovery ability to where you work each muscle group (or prioritize weak ones) twice every ten days will give you more workouts per year in the long run and more chances to induce growth.

HGH can also work along with AAS and increase Protein synthesis which helps you get the most from your diet. If you are going to suffer through bland food and low carbs, it at least makes sense to have something to work for your benefit right?

How much HGH (Human Hormone Growth) should I take?

It depends. Really it is an individual thing. Also, there is no real formula for determining if xxx amount will work for you. Has a lot to do with the quality of the product as well.

I see damn good results on just 3ius of Serostim per day. I don't see squat on blue tops until I get up to the 5-6iu mark. Then it is usually around 7-8ius daily that I see the same results as I do with Serostim.

Generally for anti-aging purposes 2ius will do.
For general exercise and health purposes (non bodybuilding) 3ius is a minimum
For intense bodybuilding and changing your body dramatically (dieting, etc..) 5ius minimum.

When should I take HGH?

Years ago, the most common belief was that one was suppose to HGH before bedtime. As time went by people have learned that was not necessarily the best way. 

Your body releases GH at niGHt when you sleep. Taking synthetic GH prior to bedtime will only suppress your natural output. 

The best time to take it is upon rising in the AM. That way you take advantage of your natural GH output and then have another surge first thing in the morning. Getting two doses of GH is better than getting one.

How often should I take HGH?

Dosing schedules vary by individuals. Most people simply take their HGH 7 days a week. However, I personally don't think this is necessary. When you get the biggest surge of natural GH in your life, it is during puberty and it is often in irregular spurts, not a steady source.

A 5 day on / 2 day off pattern is the best route. However, most people fall into the (bad) habit of doing it Mon-Fri and then Sat and Sun off. This isn't very good.

A better dosing schedule is :

Mon-Tue-Wed = GH days
Th = off
Fri-Sat = GH days
Sun = off

This spreads the doses out but never so you go longer than one day without a dose. I have done it both ways, this schedule and the everyday (7 days per week) schedule and there is really no difference at all with the results. Except the above schedule makes your GH supply last longer. Overall thouGH the results and benefits are exactly the same. Also, when taking more than 4ius of HGH per day, try to divide it into two doses. One in the AM upon rising and the other half at 4PM in the evening.

More than 10 ius of HGH daily, then divide into four doses.  AM, noon, 3PM, 6PM.

HiGHer than 10ius of HGH daily is not encouraged for the average trainee and even for the elite trainee until much research has been done as going this hiGH will require T4 supplementation and very often incorporating insulin since the only reason to go hiGHer than 10ius of HGH is for forced bulking.  More on T4 later as it is beneficial to HGH at lower doses as well.

How is HGH Measured?

IU is a standard measurement in regards to amount/quantity. Not strength. 10ius from a 4mg compound is always going to be weaker than 10ius from a 6mg compound.

Now consider that when HGH is constituted we normally use 1ml of bacstat water which is 100ius. So a generic blue top HGH vial that is claimed to be 10ius is now effectively 100ius due to the water measurement in it. Kind of confusing for sure which is why I suspect a lot of the complaints about a certain brand of HGH being underdosed originate from. Simply because they do not tell you what strength the product is, instead they simply hide behind the "iu" claim of so many ius per vial.

How do I mix HGH?

First of all you need some supplies from TNB medical:
-One Insulin syringe.
-One bottle of Bacteriostatic water.
-On Injection Syringe.

HGH Supplies: Human Hormone Growth

Step 1

Draw up 1cc (1ml) of bacteriostatic water into a syringe
HGH Needle

Step 2

Insert syringe into the HGH vial with the needle resting against the side of the glass. The HGH vial should be turned upside down with the wafer at the top of the vial. (Which is the bottom)

Slowly filter the water into the vial so that it runs down the glass side of the vial and doesn't splash into the wafer.
HGH Draw

Never squirt the water directly onto the HGH wafer HGH is a very very fragile peptide and you should never add water directly to the wafer or shake the vial. You will damage and pretty much kill the peptide handling it this way.

Once you have the water in the HGH vial with the water at the bottom and the wafer at the top. Lay the vial on it's side.
HGH Vial

This will allow the water to more gently mix with the wafer. You can roll the vial slowly back and forth to ensure all is mixed. In the pic above, you can see some of the undissolved wafer clinging to the side of the vial.

Once constituted, HGH should be kept in the refrigerator at all times. Using the contents in the vial within 7 days is best.

HGHStep 3 

When drawing up HGH after it is constituted for use, keep in mind the extra amount of ius in the vial now that you added the water to it. With 1ml of water, you will now have 100ius in the vial. So if you want to use 3ius of HGH at a time, you have to adjust your calculations based on the total volume amount in the vial accordingly. In this case, you will need to draw up 30ius on the syringe in order to get 3ius of HGH. (Or you hope you get provide it isn't underdosed by the manufacturer)

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