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Biggest Biceps Greg Valentino the Most Hated Man in Bodybuilding

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

Greg Valentino has earned worldwide fame and become an Internet sensation for having the biggest biceps in the world and disproportionate body size.  And it is his biggest biceps freak show act that has earned him the reputation as the most hated man in bodybuilding.  But Greg Valentino may be more hated than ever after recently selling out everyone!

Greg Valentino Biggest BicepsEveryone knows that bodybuilding is a sport which struggles with its image in the eye of the public.  For one thing, the general population just doesn’t understand a bodybuilder’s pursuit of trying to build the perfect body.  But even more than that, people think that bodybuilding is a sport riddled with steroids, and we all know how the mainstream media has made steroids out to be the root of all evil.

So it’s safe to say that bodybuilding doesn’t need any more negative publicity coming its way.  Unfortunately, there is one man that has been a constant source of negative attention for bodybuilders everywhere.  And his name is Greg Valentino. 

If you haven’t heard of Greg Valentino then you probably don’t pay much attention to bodybuilding, or TV for that matter.  That’s because Valentino has been able to transcend the boundaries of bodybuilding into mainstream television through his freakish 27 inch arms and disproportionate body size.  Greg Valentino’s arms look like somebody stuffed softballs where his triceps and biceps should be while the rest of his body doesn’t even come close to matching them.

Because of his malformed stature, Valentino has become a YouTube sensation garnering the attention of not only his fellow bodybuilders, but the general public as well.  He has also made numerous appearances on TV shows as well.  People everywhere have been amazed not only by the size of his arms, but by how abnormal he looks overall.  When you really get down to the root of it, Valentino could be a poster child for one those freaky picture websites. 

Those outside of bodybuilding may never realize why Valentino has been such an eyesore in the minds of bodybuilders everywhere.  They just look at him as an interesting individual who is fun to gawk at.  However, what many people don’t realize is that Valentino has become hated in many bodybuilding circles because he draws so much negative attention to the sport.

Not only does Greg Valentino misrepresent what bodybuilding is all about and beg for attention due to his disproportionate size, but he’s also looked at as the product of a steroid-fueled nightmare.  The majority of bodybuilders who use steroids do so in order to build an incredible physique that is something to marvel at.  Valentino, on the other hand, has used roids to create this attention-seeking, freakshow body which gets played off as the end result of any kind of steroid usage. 

Biggest BicepsAnd while Valentino has brought plenty of negative attention to bodybuilding through his appearance alone, the time he decided to be his own self surgeon has cast a black eye on the sport from which it may never recover.  As shown on TLC, one of Valentino’s arms had become infected after getting hit with a broken bat at a little league game he was coaching.  Rather than going to the hospital to get the infection removed like any sane person, Valentino decided to perform the operation himself while filming it.

After cutting his arm numerous times to remove the blood and puss in his arms, Valentino had to be rushed to the hospital.  Afterwards, Valentino let the taped surgery become public knowledge which only served to gain him further fame.  And this only further served to damage the reputation of responsible juicers and bodybuilders everywhere.

As if he hasn’t already had enough attention in the past, Valentino decided to go on the ESPN program E:60 to talk about the past and his dealings with steroids.  Obviously the E:60 crew was not apathetic to steroid usage since this is a mainstream show, and they used Greg Valentino as their example of what roids can do to someone.  And Valentino seemed more than happy to sell out juicers everywhere on the show.

Once a person who sided with steroid users and realized how they are unfairly demonized by the media, Valentino did everything on E:60 to further soil their reputation.  Valentino even wrote to the readers of his Muscular Development column, in which he is called the Ramblin’ Freak, about his intentions to denounce steroids altogether. 

Now I’ll admit that his reasons for not using steroids anymore seem legitimate since his son won’t speak to him, and his daughter viewed a classroom video where her dad was coincidentally shown as the example of steroid use.  However, it has to be noted that he has reveled in the glory he’s received for his massive arms, and blatantly admitted that he built those guns through the usage of site injections.  He’s even seemed to love the negative attention that he has received from his persona as the most hated man in bodybuildng.

And while I’m sympathetic to Greg Valentino’s situation with his family and hope that everything works out for him in the end, I can’t help be thinking that he’s sold out bodybuilders and steroids users out... again.

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Yours in sport,

George Spellwin

George Spellwin