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Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

Here's the story continued from above:

"How much you want for it?" Anthony asked. "I need it right away."

Tommy paused. It hadn't even crossed his mind. Maybe he could recoup what he paid for it.

"Two hundred."

"That's too much, bro. How's a hundred and eighty?"

"Okay." Whatever. Tommy arranged to meet Anthony and dug the bottle out of his closet.

They met the next night in a parking lot they used to hang out in. To Tommy's surprise, Anthony showed up with a friend Tommy didn't know. Anthony introduced "Joey," and said that he was cool. He gave Tommy the money and Tommy handed him the bottle. Then Joey said he wanted steroids too.

"No," Tommy said, "this was just for Anthony. I don't do this."

"Yeah, but we could make some big bucks," Joey pressed. "I got guys that go crazy for this shit."

"This isn't my thing, man," Tommy answered. "This is a one shot deal, just for Anthony. I don't sell this stuff."

Joey persisted, saying how much money they could all make. It went on for a while, but Tommy was adamant. He wasn't a dealer. He wasn't even a juicer anymore. His girlfriend would kill him if she knew he had even helped Anthony out like this.

Finally, Joey gave up, and he and Anthony left. Tommy started his car. Suddenly he was blinded. Light was everywhere, with shadows moving through it. His car door opened and somebody grabbed him and threw him on the ground. Face down; his arms were pulled behind his back. Handcuffs were put on his wrists and he was dragged to his feet, thrown on the hood of his car. Everything was spinning. Lights were flashing and people were talking on radios. Somebody said he was under arrest. He was walked toward a police patrol car. Police officers were all around him; some in uniforms, others in plainclothes. What happened? Where did all these cops come from? How did they know? And where were Anthony and Joey? A sick feeling came over him as he realized ... He'd been set up by his friend for one bottle of juice...

Tommy's case is an excerpt from my friend Rick Collin's new hardcover book, Legal Muscle. Rick is an attorney that many know as THE steroid lawyer. He specializes in criminal law and frequently defends bodybuilders. This true story was taken from the the audiotapes turned over to Rick as evidence by the prosecution.

I knew Rick, but had never had reason to use his services until Elite Fitness was subpoenaed during the trial of the guy who sold discussion board member Eric Perrin DNP and his subsequent death. Working with Rick, we prevented the FDA from accessing our discussion forum database and sifting through our member information with forensic software.


With Rick's help, we were able to maintain the confidentiality of our members' information. However, good legal help does not come cheap -- Rick's services cost us $5,000 -- but it was money well spent. (See the gray sidebar for more on Eric Perrin, Privacy Resources, and DNP)

In Legal Muscle, Rick blows the lid off America's "dirty little secret" about anabolic steroids and the law. This ultimate expose on anabolic steroid use in bodybuilding explains just how hundreds of bodybuilders screw up, get caught, and go to jail every year -- sometimes for as little a 25 tabs of d-bol. Legal Muscle is filled with true story's of recent anabolic steroid investigations, arrests, informants, prosecutions, and sentencing from all across America. Whether you're in the game or not, Legal Muscle is absolutely essential reading for natural and "juiced" bodybuilders alike, as well as for coaches, sports trainers, physicians, journalists and anyone in the criminal justice system. Reading Legal Muscle, you stand a fighting chance of making it through the American criminal justice machine and coming out alive if you ever get sucked into the system.

Eric Perrin, Privacy Resources
and DNP

Elite Member Dies - BusinessWeek to publish expose

By now, many of you have probably heard of the tragic death of EliteFitness.com Discussion Board participant Eric Perrin, who posted under the alias "YoungNHugeGuns." BusinessWeek magazine contacted us last week regarding his death and the sale of drugs on the Internet. Read more...

BusinessWeek Magazine Crucifies Elite Fitness

In their article The Underground Web, BusinessWeek points the finger of blame at EliteFitness.com and accuses us of being responsible for Internet drug deals and for the unfortunate death of member Eric Perrin. Read more...

Huge drug busts -- bodybuilders & members targeted!

Rick Collins and the Huge GHB Internet drug busts aka Operation Web Slinger... Plus:
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* Use an industrial strength harddrive cleaner.
* Use software to remove the surveillance programs installed on your PC.

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You'll also save thousands of dollars in legal fees, because you'll know what to do if you are ever accused or arrested -- rightly or wrongly. And the actions you take or fail to take in the very moment that you get drawn into the system are the most crucial for making sure you get a favorable outcome.

Ever ordered steroids by mail and think you're safe if you don't sign for the package? Think you're safe if you write return to sender on the outside and wait a few days before opening it? This may have worked a couple years ago, but now, the feds are well aware of these tricks. Take for example the true story of Robby, a 34 year old machinist, married with two kids. Like Tommy, Robby was a client of Rick's, but had not read Legal Muscle prior to getting arrested. Immediately after his arrest, he fucked things up for himself royally. You won't believe what happened to him. Here's what Rick writes in Legal Muscle:

Robby was 34 years old, married with two children, and gainfully employed as a machinery assembler. He ordered some D-bol and Winny from an online source. He had gotten one Customs seizure notice about two weeks earlier. For whatever reason, he'd signed it and mailed it back. Regardless, his address was flagged.

Three packages from Thailand were intercepted at the San Francisco FMU/Daly City Airmail facility. Package one had 200 tablets total of D-bol and Winny; package two had 199 D-bol tabs; and package three had 209 Winny tabs. All were concealed in stacks of hollowed-out white paper.

Customs got the local police on board and wired a package for delivery with an AT-4 transmitter (an electronic signaling device used to confirm that a target has opened his package). Pre-raid surveillance was set up, the delivery was made and Robby signed for the package.

When Robby opened the package, he saw a little black device. Panicking, he took out the batteries and ran out to his car. He was stopped by the raid team, who took him back to the house and searched it -- seizing everything connected with bodybuilding including an Arnold Schwarzenegger book.

They found 19 Sustanon preloads in his garbage. In custody, Robby waived his rights, admitted four previous Internet juice orders, and was even pressured into saying that 600 tablets is more than one person could use. [The deputy prosecuting attorney refused to plea bargain the case below a felony level...]

This true story is a good example of the fatal mistakes that can be made when you don't know your rights. Robby hired Rick who was able to help him, but the cost of Rick's services at this point was in the thousands. In Legal Muscle you'll find a detailed explanation of what your rights are and how to invoke them making a small problem much easier to deal with and saving a small fortune before it might be too late.

Legal Muscle tells many more stories of individuals that might have avoided conviction and even prosecution ... by making different choices.

In Legal Muscle, you'll learn how to make the right choice to all of the following life-altering situations:

  • If you're caught, what is the single biggest mistake in dealing with the police that will get you convicted in court? (And how you can avoid it!)
  • How do most people get busted for steroids? (And what you can learn from their mistakes!)
  • Where is personal possession of steroids a felony? (And in which states is possession only a misdemeanor?)
  • What are your rights when the policeman asks, "Do you mind if I look in your bag?" (And how can you exercise those rights?)
  • When can cattle implants be prosecuted as controlled substances? (And when is it ok for you to have fina?)
  • Can you re-enter the country with a prescription for anabolic steroids from a physician in Mexico? (Or will your ass get busted?)
  • What should you do when federal agents knock on your door wanting to talk to you? (And what you absolutely must not do!)
  • Is there really a "personal use" exception to the laws of importation? (Or is this a myth that can trap you?)
  • What is the legitimacy of prescriptions from online pharmacies? (Or can you go down from buying non-controlled drugs online?)
  • What coercive tactics does the police use to get you to incriminate yourself? (And how can you recognize and avoid them!)
  • How does federal law handle the quantities of anabolic steroids for prison sentencing purposes? (And how can you avoid being charged with intent to sell when you only have a personal supply!)
  • Why have the media and the government suppressed the truth about steroids? (The truth is shocking!)
  • Are Human Growth Hormone, HCG, and other non-steroidal bodybuilding drugs classified as controlled substances in your state? (And what about clomid, nolvadex and DNP?)
  • What does medical literature really say about the true health risks associated with anabolic steroids? (And what do most judges think it says!)
  • What do you do if a strange package is delivered to your home and you don't recognize either the sender or the recipient's name? (And what do you do if you think a package has been tagged?)
  • When does the government need probable cause to open your mail? (And which carrier and service is the safest!)
  • What happens if you're asked to take a urine test for steroids? (Do you know your rights?)
  • How does the military deal with steroid use? (Hint: they're much tougher!)
  • How do you respond to a notice from Customs telling you your package is being detained? (And still keep your butt out of trouble!)
  • You've erased your "history" folder and emptied your recycle bin. That's enough to clean your computer's harddrive right? (Are you sure?)
  • What quantity of anabolic steroids constitutes "intent to sell"? (Everyone needs to know this and it's different from state to state!)
  • When can you get a physician to prescribe steroids for you? (And when is he breaking the law too!)

At well over 400 pages, Legal Muscle contains EVERYTHING anyone could ever want to know about steroids and the law. The book has twenty-five chapters and four appendices! With detailed accounts of case after case taken from Rick's own extensive steroid files. It's all in here: real world stories about everything from simple personal possession to major trafficking. Discover how anabolics work, what the medical literature really says about them, and how the media have presented "less than the truth." Read how steroids came to become controlled substances (shocking!) and how they are treated today under federal statutes and sentencing guidelines (including the first-ever reference table to apply steroid quantities to the federal guidelines). Legal Muscle even covers the anabolic laws and sentencing ranges for all fifty states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico -- this book is a veritable treasure trove of information never before available anywhere -- not even to lawyers!

As I mentioned earlier, hiring Rick costs thousands. And if you need his services, it's worth every penny. But, you can keep yourself out of trouble in the first place or minimize the consequences if you get in trouble by reading Rick's book Legal Muscle. Normally, Legal Muscle and most law books sell for $79.95 -- that's almost 80 bucks! But today and for the next 72 hours only, Rick has agreed to make Legal Muscle available to our readers for the special price of just $49.95. That's over 35% savings. Click here to place a secure order for the hardcover book Legal Muscle and to save!

But please don't take my word for it, read what the experts say:

"LEGAL MUSCLE is a punch to the solar plexus of mainstream thinking on anabolic steroids. You just can't put this book down! It's not only a great read, but the millions of people, including the AIDS community, the elderly, and people with diseases like diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and colitis, who've been victimized by America's misguided laws and outdated medical policies on androgens have found a compelling grassroots political manifesto. Let's take LEGAL MUSCLE to Washington!"

Michael Mooney

AIDS researcher and co-author of Built to Survive

"This is a must read book for anyone who uses steroids, has considered using steroids, or wants to be up to date (for whatever reason) with the law as it relates to steroids. The book also has detailed information on the biological effects of steroids, side effects, and other info worth reading. Highly recommended by yours truly."

Will Brink, health and nutrition industry consultant, bodybuilding columnist and author

"LEGAL MUSCLE is a book for lawyers and lay people alike ... Rick Collins has written the definitive work, a veritable bible in the legal and drug industry on the possession, sale and use of steroids."

Thomas F. Liotti, Esq., Chair, New York State Bar Association Criminal Justice Section

"LEGAL MUSCLE is awesome! It's not just the 'hardcore' guide to the law -- it's the hardcore guide to LIFE!"

Dave Palumbo, world-class competitive bodybuilder

"LEGAL MUSCLE is simply the best book I've ever seen on this topic. Bursting with information for lawyers and non-lawyers everywhere. An astonishing achievement."

Professor Lawrence Kessler, Hofstra School of Law

"Rick’s tome is a 'must-have, must-read' book for anyone even thinking about using anabolic steroids and associated illegal ergogens, as well as for any defense attorney who has passed the bar in any state of the union -- finally there is absolutely no excuse for ignorance any more!"

Brock Strasser, Testosterone Magazine

"LEGAL MUSCLE is almost too hot to handle! Not buying this unprecedented and definitive resource would be downright criminal!"

Brent Allen, powerlifter and author of the Muscle Candy series

"Your book arrived yesterday. I am very grateful. I have to force myself to put it down! It's not good. It is GREAT! The writing alone is masterly. The contents make all other steroid books superfluous... It needs, not just deserves, to be read by at least a million people, especially politicians and physicians."

Sidney Gendin, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, Philosophy of Law, Eastern Michigan University

"Rick Collins is a Godsend for any bodybuilder who ventures into the legal minefield of current anabolics regulation!"

Shawn Perine, Publisher, Iron Age

"People have rights, and for the most part, they have no idea what they are. This is the book you better damn well have read when the door flies off the hinges."

John Romano, Senior Editor, Muscular Development magazine

"Before you even THINK about using steroids, read this book!"

Nelson Montana, bodybuilding author

"LEGAL MUSCLE presents a lucid and accurate account of the science of androgens."

Jose Antonio, Ph.D., author and co-editor of Sports Supplements

"No one knows more about the legal aspects of anabolic steroids than Rick Collins"

Nick Evans, MD, orthopedic surgeon and MuscleMag columnist

"It's never easy to challenge ignorance and bias, [but] LEGAL MUSCLE does just that, presenting clear, cogent and research-based arguments to debunk many of the myths... [A] reality check for all who value their freedom and are placing it at risk. Rick Collins' expertise on both sides of this equation, the bodybuilding culture and the halls of justice, makes this book a must-read!"

Jack Darkes, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and psychological researcher

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How about the the average guys in the trenches? Here's what they have to say:

"Instead of buying five 10ml vials of testosterone next week; buy four vials, and Rick's book LEGAL MUSCLE! Get big AND stay safe!"

Mike S

"I just got an autographed copy of your book today and it is more than even I expected. It is absolutely kick-ass amazing! I'm tearing it apart re-reading it so much! ... You saved many good brothers from bad situations."

Grant T

"Thanks a lot for the book! It was really a great read and I finished it in just 3 days even while studying for my finals. I just couldn't put it down! Your book really inspired me to again pursue something that I wanted to do since I was younger -- which was to be a lawyer!"

Artem T

"I cannot express my gratitude strongly enough for LEGAL MUSCLE, which I've read cover-to-cover several times and recommended to many. I live in SoCal and it would be very EZ to set-up shop were I so inclined! My wife nags me constantly, "We'd never get caught." Now I am going to handcuff her to a chair and make her read your book! Maybe then she'd understand that while we don't have much, our freedom is everything! Thanks so much for a really enlightening work!"

Ben A

"I just finished reading LEGAL MUSCLE and wanted to email you a thank you. I've never used steroids, but have considered trying them after 15 years of natural training. Your book is by far the most informative book on steroids out there and I have recommended it to many of my friends already. Anyway, thanks again for the autographed copy of the book, your support to the bodybuilding and fitness community, and work on the USFA. It is all very much appreciated!"

Justin W

Bridging the gap between the legal world and the muscle world, it's mandatory reading for bodybuilders, athletes, lawyers, police officers, judges and, of course, those who stand accused. Nobody -- absolutely NOBODY -- should be in the game without Legal Muscle. IT'S THE REAL ANABOLIC STEROID SURVIVAL MANUAL! Today and for the next 72 hours only, Rick has agreed to make Legal Muscle available to our readers for the special price of just $49.95 -- you save $30 off the regular price of $79.95. That's a small investment that could save you thousands of dollars. Click here to place a secure order for the hardcover book Legal Muscle and to save!

As I mentioned earlier, hiring Rick costs thousands. But, you can get the same information hundreds of bodybuilders paid thousands of dollars to learn the hard way just by investing in a copy of Legal Muscle. At well over 400 pages (8.5 by 11, hardcover, and weighing three pounds!), it tells the truth you won't read ANYWHERE else. All orders are now shipping Priority Mail within 48 hours! Click here to place a secure order for the hardcover book Legal Muscle and to save!

PS: Ordering steroids via the Internet; mail deliveries and seizure notices; importing steroids at the border; Fourth Amendment privacy protections; automobile stops and searches; Miranda rights; the psychology of police interrogation (the secrets about why the overwhelming majority of suspects [84% in a 1994 survey] waive their Constitutional rights -- a potentially devastating mistake!); teenagers and steroids; soldiers and steroids; and much, much more! Click here to place a secure order for the hardcover book Legal Muscle and to save 30%!

PPS: Still not convinced you need this book? Check out the following unbelievable excerpt from Legal Muscle -- The Internet Mail Order Bust!

The Internet Mail Order Bust

"...Mike established a rapport with overseas sources using the Internet and was able to order steroids for himself without restraint. What led to Mike's arrest was the D-bol he was getting from Thailand. He'd order in 1,000-tablet amounts (the minimum order), typically sent in 10 separate envelopes, a hundred in each. At first, these were received with ease. But soon after, seizure notices were arriving instead of the steroids- a sign that Customs had become more aware of these particular shipments from Thailand.

It was a similar shipment from Thailand for 10 envelopes of 100 tabs each that caused Customs to alert the local authorities. And thus, a case that really should have had federal jurisdiction was handed over to a bunch of inexperienced redneck local cops. Obviously, the Feds couldn't be bothered with such a spindly little case, but to the county cops of this little suburban community just outside Baltimore, it was like Pablo Escobar had just hit town. They proceeded to obtain a warrant and conduct a search of Mike's home and cars, despite the fact that the destination of the order was a P.O. box and no controlled delivery was ever conducted. There really was no link between the drug intended to go to the P.O. Box, and Mike's home and cars, other than speculation that Mike was a big drug dealer. Well, big for Mike and Kim's sleepy little town.

...So, one day, Mike arrived home from the gym, opened the door and was accosted by three armed county cops. He was quickly handcuffed, read his rights and led to his kitchen to wait while more than a dozen other uniformed and plain-clothes cops searched his house and car. The cops had been there for hours, entering the home while Mike's three daughters, ages 11, 13 and 17, were home alone. Soon thereafter, Kim arrived. The ladies were made to sit on the couch for five hours and were not even permitted to use the rest room.

The cops concluded their search and made off with 1,000 D-bol, 1,000 A-bombs, 25 bottles of test, some Primo and nonscheduled items- IGF-1and insulin. They also took a bottle of Pamprin, the dog's heart worm medication, a blood pressure kit, all Mike's bodybuilding magazines, steroid books and an old Dan Duchaine price list from the '80s that Mike was keeping as a remembrance of the guru. They got Mike's computer, too. The search warrant expressly stated that no cash was to be seized from the home, yet, $3,660 cash, which could be verified as wedding gifts, was seized and lost to forfeiture.

While Mike hired local civil counsel to deal with the forfeiture issue, the illegal seizure of the wedding money was just the beginning of the bungling by law enforcement in this case. But, while most people who watch TV know police mishandling can be used to get a case tossed out or even sue a municipality, few realize that in the real world it's a stacked deck. Some non-malicious varieties of police or clerical screw-ups are deemed 'harmless error' by the courts and simply hurt the accused. Police mistakes can cut either way. I've seen hundreds of steroid cases with various legal infirmities, but Mike's case was an unprecedented 'comedy of errors.'

Both Mike and Kim were charged with "intent to distribute anabolic steroids," at that point in the case a misdemeanor, and they had to surrender themselves to the authorities. They were jailed for the day and eventually transferred to appear before the commissioner who released them on their own recognizance.

Charging Kim was absolutely ludicrous. She obviously wasn't a steroid user or involved with either the trafficking or the possession of such drugs. The county officer in charge of the case said that if this was repeated he would deny it, but Kim's arrest was only for leverage to insure a conviction of Mike in the case. If he pleaded guilty, Kim's charges would be dropped. Including Kim in Mike's case is just one of the dirty little tricks the cops can get away with. In Kim's case, a conviction would mean losing her mortician's license and putting her out of business, not to mention the extra legal fees for another lawyer.

A key issue in the case against Mike was whether the sheer quantities of anabolics involved were indicative of an 'intent to distribute.'

While the list of various pharmaceuticals and the amounts recovered from Mike's house were substantial indeed, they were not necessarily inconsistent with personal use for a heavy, hardcore user. Of course, the prosecutors were used to dealing with street drugs like cocaine and heroin, where only 20 or 30 individual product units might prove intent to sell. They were totally convinced from the outset that they had a high-level dealer. In fact, they believed the 1,000 tablets of methandienone alone that came to the P.O. box proved an intent to sell (a totally ludicrous position given that 1,000 was the typical minimum order from the overseas supplier). They were out for blood, absolutely convinced of their position.

Months went by, and finally it seemed they had worked out a deal for a plea agreement that Mike and Kim would accept in court, in lieu of going through the trial. This would typically be a deal in which the defendant would plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for saving the government the expense and effort, and sometimes embarrassment, of putting their show on at trial.

At 4 pm the day before the trial date, however, it was revealed that the misdemeanor charges were going to be dropped and that new felony charges had been filed. The deal was off, which meant Mike and Kim would now have to go through the indignities of being arrested for a felony. This usually includes getting fingerprinted, strip searched and locked up for hours, if not days, in a filthy cell and then formally brought before a judge, magistrate, commissioner, etc., to be charged and hear their plea.

The police in Mike's case originally charged misdemeanor violations related to prescription drugs, not felony 'controlled dangerous substances' charges. Why? Because they were confused about what the substances were and about what their legal status was. To coin a phrase, many cops don't know an Anavar from an aspirin.

Mike and Kim were promised that their lawyers would be informed of their surrender date so they could surrender themselves by summonses directly to the court rather than go through the entire process of executing warrants and going to jail, etc., all over again. But that didn't happen. In a sad coincidence, the day the cops decided to execute Mike's warrant also happened to be the day Mike's mother passed away. Four hours after her death, Mike arrived home from the hospice and found a county cop waiting for him. Mike assumed he would be served with a summons to appear in court. However, it was not a summons, but a warrant for his arrest. Apparently a "clerical error" caused the foul up and Mike's warrant had not been changed to a summons as promised. He spent most of the day his mother died in jail waiting to get bailed out.

Kim, knowing she would likely be the victim of a similar "clerical error," surrendered herself to the county police department four days later after making arrangements with the police for swift processing and immediate transfer to the commissioner. That didn't happen either. Kim was made to wait for five hours in a filthy cell, strewn with human waste, where there was only a small patch of ground for her to stand where she felt least likely to contract hepatitis. She was finally transferred, in handcuffs and shackles, to the commissioner's office. In the process, she was led past crowded areas where she encountered many people she knew or with whom she had done business.

Ultimately, several trial dates were postponed because, after a full year, the detective in charge was still busy reviewing all 1,300 pages of e-mail from Mike's computer. The cops needed to provide some evidence that warranted the felony charge of distribution. One sentence, of the 1,300 pages, stating to a supplier that Mike needed "to satisfy some people over here" was exhibited as evidence that he was a steroid dealer.

Switching the blame of urgency to fictitious, impatient associates is a common tactic to coerce a slow moving supplier to begin to send a delayed order. Obviously, if Mike were a big Internet steroid dealer, there would be more than just this one partial sentence out of 1,300 pages of e-mail. Even so, the state insisted on pressing for the felony regardless of the lack of evidence. Their determination to convict was unexplainable, especially in a case of such a victimless crime. One day, Mike was in court with a man who sodomized and raped a 14-year-old; an armed bank robber who had robbed four banks in a year; and an armed robber involved in an assault. What did Mike do to be in such company? HARDCORE BODYBUILDING IN THE FIRST DEGREE!"

Mike's incredible but true story, along with its resolution and an update, is told in Legal Muscle - along with dozens of other true tales from the personal files of Rick Collins! Click here to place a secure order for the hardcover book Legal Muscle and to save 30%!

Yours in sport,

George Spellwin

George Spellwin