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Stanford U's Body-Cooling Glove works Way Better than Steroids

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

Stanford U's Body-Cooling Glove works Way Better than Steroids

For decades, steroids have been looked at as the ultimate shortcut for packing on tons of lean muscle mass. But Stanford University researchers have blown steroids out of the water with a high-tech, body-cooling glove that's said to work much better.

It's pretty obvious why bodybuilders and other athletes are willing to bend laws, break rules and risk jail time to use steroids: they work! With an insane ability to speed up recovery time between workouts, roids have become a near-must for those who want to reach the top of their respective sport.

Unfortunately, juicing has been demonized by lawmakers and the media, which makes it unappealing to mainstream crowds. Even hardcore athletes have their reservations about using steroids due to the unfair legal and social implications. Taking all of this into account, those who are worried about using roids will definitely want to keep an eye on a high-tech, body-cooling glove that's been developed by Stanford University researchers. The glove is said to work better than steroids, and it's not even against the law!

Unbelievably Effective

body cooling gloveWhen somebody claims to have a product that's just as or more effective than juicing, you're usually dealing with one of those cheesy and ridiculous legal steroid sites. However, it's a little more credible when Stanford biology researcher Dennis Grahn says that his body-cooling glove works "equal to or substantially better than steroids…and it's not illegal."

As for how the glove works, it rapidly cools an athlete's core body temperature by targeting specialized heat-transfer veins (arteriovenous anastomoses, or AVAs) in the palms of hands. Going further, this plastic mitt is attached to a portable cooler, and athletes put their hand into the device. A vacuum effect is then created where the palm veins expand, blood is drawn into the AVAs, and water from the glove rapidly cools the blood. If you're looking for a deeper explanation of the process, check out this YouTube video.

Once the blood has been cooled, the body returns to its core temperature and athletes are able to continue working hard. Without the glove, this just isn't possible because muscle activity begins to slow down as the body's temperature increases. As Grahn puts it, "Your muscle cells are saying, 'You can't work that hard anymore, because if you do you're going to cook and die.'" However, when muscle cells are cooled with the glove, it basically resets muscle fatigue back to normal and allows for more intense exercise.

A Wonderful Accident

Based on what we just discussed, the most exciting benefit of the body-cooling glove is that it helps athletes recover much quicker during workouts. However, the original intention behind this device had nothing to do with helping bodybuilders pump out more reps. Instead, the device was originally created to increase body temperature in surgery patients who underwent anesthesia.

body cooling gloveProfessor H. Craig Heller, who has worked extensively on the glove with Grahn, discussed the original application by saying, "We built a silly device, took it over to the recovery room and lo and behold, it worked beyond our wildest imaginations." He added, "Whereas it was taking them hours to re-warm patients coming into the recover room, we were doing it in 8 to 9 minutes."

Not long after realizing that their glove worked on patients, Grahn and Heller stumbled upon something quite unexpected. One of their colleagues, Vinh Cao, started using the body-cooling glove in between sets of pull-ups. What they soon discovered was that Cao could do just as many pull-ups in later sets as he did at the beginning of the workout thanks to the glove. Over the next six weeks, he went from doing 180 pull-ups per session to doing 640, which is a pretty incredible transformation for a self-professed fitness freak.

Researchers then began testing athletes on other exercises such as weight lifting and running. What they found is that participants experienced incredible recovery time, and there was no proof of the athletes being overworked due to more intense workouts. Because of the latter statement, Grahn and Heller have touted their invention as possibly being better than steroids. And this billing is certainly enough to have plenty of bodybuilders and athletes wondering when the body-cooling glove will be available commercially.

Highly Anticipated

What's encouraging about this supposed miracle glove is that it's already being used by several Stanford athletic teams along with professional organizations such as Manchester United, the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers. Of course, it's a long way from billion dollar sports franchises to you and me, so the real question is when the rest of us can buy these body-cooling devices.

According to Heller and Grahn, it may not be too long before the glove is available for commercial purchase. There are just a few minor adjustments that need to be made before athletes everywhere can begin experiencing the benefits of these products. But until then, many of you may be wondering if there's some way that you can rig a homemade body-cooling device.

Precise Process

After reading everything we've discussed up to this point, it seems like you can get the same results by sticking your hand in a bucket of ice cold water. However, the truth is that blood flow to the AVAs will be shut down if the temperature is too cool, thus negating any possible effect on core body temperature. As Grahn said, "You have to stay above the local vasoconstriction threshold. And what do you get if you go under? You get a cold hand."

As you can see, it's not going to be easy to make your own body-cooling device. So if you've got access to quality steroids, this is still going to be your best bet for gaining muscle quickly and effectively. But do keep a lookout for the cooling device in the future because – if affordable – it could prove to be very useful for your muscle gains.

Here's a link to read more about the body cooling glove on Stanford's website.

And here's a link to discuss performance enhancement with body cooling on the EliteFitness.com forums.

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