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Beastdrol - A Potent Anabolic Designer Supplement Legal for Now

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

In this week’s Elite Fitness News, I have a special treat for all of my loyal readers. I’m going to let my good friend and Elite Fitness writer Nelson Montana introduce some exciting muscle building products that he has designed.

Then I will let the guys from Need To Build Muscle Inc. show you how to stack Nelson’s products with the very powerful designer supplement “Beastdrol,” a potent anabolic supplement that is taking the bodybuilding world by storm and has recently come under scrutiny by the government and media.

Chances are that like everything else that works, "Beastdrol" will be banned from sale very soon. So please read on to take advantage of the last chance you will ever have to get a hold of this designer supplement legally.  Very soon, "Beastdrol" will only be found on the underground black market. Read on...

Anabolic Steroids Or The New Designer Supplements?   Either Way, You Need Post Cycle Therapy!
by Nelson Montana

There are some new legal designer supplements out today that rival real oral steroids as far as effectiveness (Beastdrol is a very good example).  Now, it’s easier than ever to make gains in muscle - gains formerly possible only to those willing to take the risk (and risk of getting ripped-off) of obtaining black market steroids.   But even if you make the greatest gains of your life on Beastdrol, it all won’t mean a thing if you don’t keep them.   That requires Post Cycle Therapy.  And it’s one of the most misunderstood aspects of anabolic enhancement.

In the past, bodybuilders used drugs like Nolvadex to combat the side effects of steroid use.  This was first discovered by the late, great Dan Duchaine.  He recognized that Nolvadex was used as an anti-breast tumor drug and since the aromatization of steroids causes gynecomastia (which is essentially a breast tumor).  The theory was truly brilliant in design.  But there were a couple of problems.  First off, Nolvadex has a rebound effect so once you stop using it, the estrogen will return.  Nolvadex also wreaks havoc on cholesterol levels, lowers IGF, slows muscle growth and kills libido.   In short, it’s a high price to pay to prevent gyno --a problem you may not even get!   

Along the way, it was thought that Nolvadex would be good to use AFTER a cycle when estrogen is high and testosterone is suppressed.  But that was only a theory as well.  AND ONE WHICH DAN DUCHAINE HIMSELF DISSMISSED!   In short, Nolva is very limited.   

Clomid is another popular PCT drug but it too has its problems, including mood swings, loss of libido and blurred vision.  These are outdated drugs that do little to maintain gains.  

HCG (and the new addition HMG) are drugs that get the hormonal system  kick-started after being suppressed.  But neither drug CURES anything.  They’re  merely a jumping off point and the day still must come where you must get OFF the drugs and let your body take over on its own!  Even if Nolva or Clomid work for you, they too will leave you suppressed once you stop using them solely by the virtue that you’ve become dependant on an outside source.  That’s where using natural substance that work WITH the body is a tremendous advantage and a gigantic advancement in maintaining gains from a cycle, be it steroids or pro-hormones.  And for that, there’s nothing better than UNLEASHED and POST CYCLE.

Buy Unleashed Here!UNLEASHED and POST CYCLE are non suppressive compounds specifically designed to  help you get over that lag after you finish a cycle.   UNLEASHED contains ingredients that lower SHBG.  (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin).  In short, this is the substance that keeps testosterone in a “bound” state.  So even if your T is high, it doesn’t matter if your SHBG is also high.  In order to get the most of your own testosterone it’s essential to lower SHBG and have as much available testosterone as possible and that’s exactly what UNLEASHED is proven to do.   This is what makes UNLEASHED like no other product (though some have tried to imitate it).  It doesn’t change your total testosterone, it just makes whatever testosterone you have more potent!  (Pretty cool, eh?)  A simple and natural method that bodybuilders are discovering makes a HUGE difference in the way they feel and recover after a cycle.  

Buy Post Cycle Here!POST CYCLE works through a completely different mechanism.  First, it  contains natural anti estrogens. Even if you use a drug like arimidex or Aromasin you can use LESS of it when you use POST CYCLE .  In many cases POST CYCLE is all you need.  It’s even  an excellent adjunct in-between cycles to maintain controlled estrogen levels.  POST CYCLE also contains ingredients to detoxify the liver including Pikoliv, the only ingredient clinically proven to regenerate liver cells.  There’s another problem POST CYCLE  addresses -- that of lowered erectile function.  Yes, it’s the most depressing aspect of coming off a cycle. But there’s no need to worry any longer. And there’s no need for expensive drugs like Viagra or Cialis.  A double dose of POST CYCLE with a dose of UNLEASHED and you’ll be good to go all night!  

Both UNLEASHED and POST CYCLE can be used any time before, during or in-between cycles but they are a MUST for the weeks following if you want to maintain your gains and feel your strongest.  

Buy DX7 Here!And as an aside, the last thing you need to mess up your results is a micro nutrient deficiency, especially when it’s so easy to avoid. One serving of a good multi vitamin and mineral supplement is all it takes.  And there is simply no better multi than DX7.  There’s no need to sell you on this.  Simply compare the ingredients and dosages to anything else on the market.  Nothing comes close.  It’s the ultimate multi.  And if you’re a tough training bodybuilder you shouldn’t trust your nutritional needs to anything less.

And one more thing.  A stack of UNLEASHED, POST CYCLE and DX7 won’t break the bank.   They each sell for literally pennies a serving and are shipped FREE to your door.  Can you really afford NOT to take them after your next cycle?

So whether you’re a newcomer, a long time gear user,  an experimenter with pro-hormones or a lifelong natural athlete, you can gain and grow with the help of these three supplements.   You don’t have to believe us.   Just ask anyone who’s used them.  They’ll tell you.  This stuff WORKS.   Now, find out for yourself.   And keep growing long after the cycle is over.   UNLEASHED, POST CYCLE and DX7.  They’re what you need to be on... Once you’re off.

Keep reading and get the full information on how to run a muscle building cycle using the proven stack of: Beastdrol, DX-7, UNLEASHED and Post-Cycle.

All about Beastdrol

What is Beastdrol?

Beastdrol is a true a designer supplement. It originally hit the market as the product known as Superdrol, it's original formula has been discontinued due to it's main ingredient being on the list for supplements doomed to be banned by congress very soon. A new supplement company by the name of "Need To Build Muscle Inc" made a very small quantity of this same product for a  limited time. Once this batch is gone, the product will never be seen again.  

What kind of results can I expect from Beastdrol?

Beastdrol is extremely powerful. It will produce substantial increases in lean muscle tissue and strength. Many people report getting better gains in lean mass and strength with Beastdrol than with any other oral steroid, with the exception of the strength from Anadrol. Although, the dose used with Anadrol is usually 100mg or higher, when a 30mg dose of Beastdrol is comparable.

The actual amount of muscle and strength gained is unable to be determined. There are too many factors that go into a training and diet regimen to accurately tell anyone how much strength and size you will gain. It is safe to say though, you will not be disappointed with your results.

The type of gains that come from beastdrol are all lean. There is no bloat or fat gains, and noticeable increases vascularity are reported by most users.

Do I need Post Cycle Therapy after using Beastdrol?


A full PCT is always recommended when using Beastdrol.

When using Beastdrol, a single bottle will last you four (4) weeks.  You should follow your Beastdrol cycle with UNLEASHED and Post-Cycle for another four (4) weeks.  This stack will give you a full eight (8) weeks to make some serious muscle gains and huge progress in the gym.

What side effects can I get while using Beastdrol?

Headaches, lethargy, acne, aggression, high blood pressure (HBP), thinning of the hair, and a decline in healthy cholesterol levels.

These are typical of any other designer hormone.  You should not use Beastdrol if you have any preexisting conditions that can be made worse by the use of Anabolic Steroids.

Do I need an AI (aromatase inhibitor) when using Beastdrol?

Typically, no you do not. Beastdrol will not convert to estrogen, and in fact it will do the opposite and may even lower estrogen levels. When doing PCT, it is always wise to have one handy just in case. But I have yet to hear of someone needing an AI with Beastdrol.  UNLEASHED should be more than enough to manage Estrogen levels for Beastdrol users.

Will taking Beastdrol give me gyno?

No, it will not.  If you are prone to Gyno, it is suggested to run UNLEASHED for the whole eight (8) weeks of the cycle. In which case you would need two (2) bottles of UNLEASHED to complete your whole cycle.

Is Beastdrol liver toxic?

Yes, it is. All methylated hormones are. You should always use a liver supplement when using methylated oral hormones. The active ingredients in Post-Cycle should be plenty of support for your liver after cycle. If you are worried about live toxicity during cycle, you can take Post-Cycle during your whole eight (8) weeks.  So you would need two (2) bottle of Post-Cycle to complete your whole cycle.

Many people say Beastdrol is more toxic than oral steroids. This is unproven in every way you look at it. There are no studies ever given or shown that proves Beastdrol is any more toxic than any common oral steroid, but caution should always be observed, so it is not recommended you ever take beastdrol for more than six (6) weeks.

I'm under the age of 21, should I use Beastdrol?

No. In fact, you should not use any steroid or hormonal product if you are under 21.  Your body is already making plenty of natural Testosterone at your age and there is no need to mess with Hormonal products.

I’m an athlete in organized sports, should I use Beastdrol?

Using Beastdrol to enhance athletic performance in competitive sports is morally wrong and against the rules of every known organized sports leagues.  Cheating in sports by a few, is the main reason Steroids are illegal for all of us. Not only are you cheating yourself, but you are also going to get caught. Beastdrol will make any drug-tested athlete test positive for WADA banned substances during the cycle.

When taking Beastdrol, what dose should I take?

Each bottle has 90 capsules with 10mg of the active ingredient in each.
Typical dose ranges between 10-40mg, which is equal to one (1) to even four (4) capsules per day.

It is suggested that first timers user take two (2) capsules per day, yielding a 20mg daily dose. Gains will be slow and even unnoticed at less than 20mg per day.

It is not suggested for even the most advanced user to ever go take more than four (4) capsules in any 24hr period, taking over 40mg per day is pushing it, though it can be done safely. Those with lots of experience and knowledge of steroids should make a responsible choice. An absolute max dose should not exceed 50mg, the five (5) capsule dose should only be used by someone who is extremely well developed and experienced. Expect more side effects in the higher doses.

How long can I cycle it for?

The standard length seems to be 4 weeks or 30 days. Some more experience users will go as long as six (6) weeks.  Six (6) weeks can be done safely. There's no need to go over that amount.

I am ready to run my Beastdrol cycle, where can I buy Beastdrol, UNLEASHED and Post-Cycle?

You can buy beastdrol by clicking here:  www.beastdrol.com

You can buy Unleashed and Post-Cycle by clicking here: www.elitefitnessnutrition.com

Both of these stores will ship your products for free.

You mentioned that there are different ways to stack these products.  Can you give me some examples before I decide on how to use Beastdrol?

You can run one of three basic cycles depending on your experience level and desired results.  Here are some examples:

Beginner Stack:

Beastdrol: Take two (2) capsules per day, for four (4) to Six (6) weeks.

Unleashed and Post-Cycle: Begin taking both products the day after your last Beastdrol dose.  Both bottles should last four (4) weeks when taken as directed on the label.

To run the beginner cycle you need:


Intermediate user Stack:

Beastdrol: Take three (3) capsules per day, for four (4) to Six (6) weeks. Each bottle only has 90 capsules, so plan your cycle length before you get the products.

Unleashed and Post-Cycle:  You need an extra bottle of UNLEASHED in this one.  Begin taking your first bottle of UNLEASHED the first day you start taking Beastdrol, and continue taking until you finish your second bottle.  Begin taking Post-Cycle the day after your last Beastdrol dose and continue taking it along with the second bottle of UNLEASHED until both products are finished.

To run the intermediate cycle you need:

1or 2-Beastdrol

Advanced user stack:

Beastdrol: Take four (4) capsules per day, for four (4) to Six (6) weeks. Each bottle only has 90 capsules, so plan your cycle length before you get the products.

Unleashed and Post-Cycle:  You need an extra bottle of both products in this cycle.  Begin taking your first bottle of UNLEASHED and bottle of Post-Cycle the first day you start taking Beastdrol.  Continue taking both products until you finish your second bottle of each.  You should have enough product to last you a full eight (8) weeks.

To run the advanced cycle you need:


I picked the cycle that is right for me!  Is there anything else I should I be taking in order to help me get the best gains I possibly can on this cycle?

Providing that your diet is proper and you are training hard, you shouldn’t need any other supplements.  If you want to ensure your diet is the best it possibly can be, you can use a multivitamin made especially for Bodybuilders like Dx-7, and a high protein supplement like BetterProteinBars.
Each bottle of Dx-7 should last you 60 days when taken at half dose (half does is all you need).  The better protein bars are 12 per pack with 26 grams of protein per bar, so you may need three (3) to six (6) packs depending on how much protein you want each day.

BeastdrolBeastdrol is a true anabolic supplement.

This hormone was the active ingredient in the original formulation of the very popular Superdrol. The original formula has been discontinued since the main ingredient is on the list of supplements soon to be banned by congress.

A new supplement company by the name of "Need To Build Muscle Inc" has made a small quantity of this same product for a  limited time. Once this batch of Beastdrol is gone, the product will never be seen again.  

Beastdrol is methylated for oral bioavailability and it will produce substantial increases in lean muscle tissue and strength. Many people report getting better gains in lean mass and strength with Beastdrol than with any of the oral steroids on the black market. To order Beastdrol now click here.

For a very in depth Beastdrol FAQ, scroll to the bottom of this message. 

Yours in sport,

George Spellwin

George Spellwin