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Amazing sex drug PT-141 - near FDA approval - works on Men and Women

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

Imagine a couple spending a romantic evening together complete with dinner, music, and a long night of passionate sex. But before their sexual encounter begins, they each pull out a little, white plastic inhaler and inhale a good spray or two up their noses. What?! Sounds like something out of a bad Saturday Night Live skit. But however crazy this scene may sound, it could quite possibly represent the latest and most effective sexual arousal method known to man, or woman.

PT-141 nasal sprayThe little, white plastic inhaler is actually a potential product called PT-141 and it has created quite a buzz within the media community lately. While the name PT-141 might be more befitting of a robot from a Star Wars movie, it is actually the simple calling card for a future medication that can improve the sexual dysfunction not only in men, but in women as well. Unlike some of the current drugs that are designed to correct sexual dysfunction, PT-141 is the first one that could actually be considered a true aphrodisiac.

People who’ve been involved with the testing of the drug have hailed its results. Women have been quoted as saying that they have a “strong desire to have sex,” as well as feeling, “genital warmth, tingling and throbbing.” Men haven’t been excluded from the PT-141’s pleasurable outcomes either as one man told New York Magazine, “With PT-141, you feel good, not only sexually aroused. You feel younger and more energetic.”

Another male patient went on to tell the magazine, “It really helped the libido, so you have the urge and the desire. You get this humming feeling, you’re ready to take your pants off and go.” If none of their comments raises an eyebrow then just listen to what this guy said, “Twice me and my wife had sex, twice in one night. I came in (to work) and just raved about it. Jesus guys, 58 years old and you don’t do that.” Great reviews so far, but what does PT-141 do that’s so different from any of the other drugs involved with treating sexual dysfunction?

What separates PT-141 from other sexual medications is that it directly targets the area of the brain that controls sexual response and, in the process, increases libido and promotes more frequent erections. Some of the more popular drugs that are currently on market, like Viagra for instance, work mainly to stimulate blood flow to the penis. The claim for PT-141 is that it not only leaves one capable of having sex by helping to produce more erections but wanting to have sex as well.

If these claims for PT-141 remain true then it could blow past Viagra in the marketplace due in part to Viagra’s ineffectiveness among many of its users. Some of those who’ve used Viagra have complained about its poor performance in producing erections and others have found that its side effects pose too much of a health risk for them to justify using it on a long-term basis. If released, PT-141 could become a top seller among those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Perhaps even more exciting than PT-141’s prospect of being an improvement upon treating erectile dysfunction is its ability to treat female sexual dysfunction. PT-141 is said to cater to the most frequent problems associated with women and their sex life. While the average male might assume that the obvious complaints among females are a shortage of orgasms and arousal, it is actually a lack of desire that is most often their chief concern. A product like PT-141, which avoids acting on the vascular system, could cure this problem by working directly on a woman’s mind and promoting sexual desire.

Sandra Leiblum, director for sexual and marital health at UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Pistcataway, N.J., was quoted as saying, “The important sex organ (for women) is between the ears. Men need a place for having sex, women need a purpose.” The problems that a woman faces with her partner, hormonal imbalance, evolutionary biology, and stress related matters can’t be cured with genital stimulation alone and isn’t something that a simple pill can deal with. This has, for the most part, been the biggest problem with the sexual dysfunction medication industry when addressing women.

Laura Berman, author of “The Passion Prescription: Ten Weeks to Your Best Sex – Ever!”, summed up the plight of women when concerning sexual medication by saying, “The bottom line is that women have been really shortchanged.” She optimistically went on to add, “Hopefully this will be another option for women with physiologically based sexual dysfunction.”

Another option is certainly what women need as there is currently no medical treatment for women with sexual dysfunction that can compare to the results seen with Viagra in men. However, the absence of a female sexual stimulator is definitely not due to a lack of effort.

There have been multiple attempts made to develop an aid for sexual dysfunction in women that is comparable to what men are able to enjoy. So far these efforts have yielded testosterone therapy for women, a wearable patch that claimed to be the female answer for Viagra, and over the counter sales of male hormones such as DHEA, which is designed to promote sexual interest within women. All of these methods have produced sub-par results. With the door open, Viagra-maker Pfizer even made a futile attempt to prove that its extremely popular drug could work just as well on females.

Part of the reason that these corporations are going to such great lengths in order to find a treatment for women is that many pharmaceutical companies see a gold mine in the prospect of curing female sexual dysfunction. In fact, a recent survey concluded that it is women ─ not men ─ who are far more susceptible to experience problems with their sex drive.

The survey backed up this statement by finding that 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction while just 31% of men were reported to share the same problem. So exactly what do these companies have to gain from finding a working product for women? How about an estimated 2 billion dollars that will be spent on products whose purpose is to cure the sex lives of women.

It is statistics like these that are leaving some companies pouring tons of money into the research of products that not only helps give males an erection but also deals with the more complicated problems facing female sexual dysfunction. Next week, we’ll look closer at PT-141 and how it works. We’ll introduce you to the companies working to bring PT-141 to market. And we’ll look at the research and clinical trials that have been conducted so far. Until then, I’ll see you on the EliteFitness.com Discussion Forums.

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