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Don\'t be the fat dude at the beach, there is still time to run a cycle

Yesterday I sent you an article by EF Moderator Dylan Gemelli telling you all about what a “Recomp Cycle” is and just what it takes to achieve massive dry gains, while losing bodyfat all at the same time.  In this article Dylan gets into more of the science of the ultimate recomp agent, Primobol Dex.

Please keep reading on to learn about the powerful ingredients that make up the Primobol Dex formula and how you can harness the power of these ingredients to form the best “Recomp Cycle” of your life!

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Leading Stories

YohimFlame: The king of Fat Loss is Here, Summer Abs are in this Article

My good friends from N2BM.com have finally released their much awaited topical fat-burner called YohimFlame. This product works in a very powerful way blocking the Estrogen in your body from fatty pockets prone to Estrogenic fat, like your chest and mid section. For women, the product works all over to deliver fat loss everywhere it is sprayed.

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HCGenerate Keep Muscle Gains & Stay Strong in the Bedroom

I could never be some chubby, sloppy guy who lets himself go while praying to god that, one day, a decent-looking woman will take pity on him. In fact, I’m the total opposite and do whatever I can to build my body to its fullest potential. In this quest to achieve the ultimate physique and pick up hotties, I go on steroid cycles to pack on as much lean muscle as possible. And there’s nothing like coming out of a cycle looking far bigger and more ripped than when I started.

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BRIDGE The Muscle Maintenance Supplement - Don\'t Lose Your Gains


just love the feeling I get while on a steroid cycle. I feel like attacking the weights every day and ripping out more reps in each subsequent workout. Outside of the gym, I’m generally more alive and have endless energy. As for the media-purported roid rage, well let’s just say that the only time I get really aggressive is in the weight room or with my lady in the bedroom.

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YohimFlame Topical Thermogenic Targeted Fat-Burning Spray

My good friends over at N2BM Nutrition have finally released their much awaited spot reduction spray - YohimFlame.  This is a spray packed with fat-burning ingredients in a transdermal matrix that will deliver these fat burning compounds right to the fat cells you want to target the most. YohimFlame can spray the fat away from your chest and oblique areas, the ones that are harder to tighten up.

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Oxandrovar: Your Complete Cutting Cycle in 1 Bottle

Time to stop lying to yourself… Are you really doing everything you can to get you six-pack abdominal region looking tight for the summer? Your options for achieving this goal just improved by a thousand percent with the release of OxandroVar!

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GW-501516 and AICAR: Peptides that Increase Endurance and Burn Fat

Two of the more intriguing peptides out there are GW-501516 and Acadesine (a.k.a. AICAR). The reason why these particular peptides fascinate researchers is because, even when used alone, they\'ve been shown to improve fat loss and endurance. When GW and AICAR are stacked together, they have an even more powerful effect on burning fat and raising endurance levels.

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