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VIDEO: Scrotal Application of Testosterone Gel: Guys rubbing RS Transaderm testosterone gel on their what??!!

Leave it to our members on the Elite Fitness forums to take a powerful anabolic like RS Transaderm testosterone gel and figure out a way to use it and make it an even more potent muscle builder and estrogen blocker. Yup, that’s what our guys are doing. EF members are applying RS Transaderm directly to their shaved scrotal sack. Sound crazy? That’s what I thought too, until I did some more research on using this type of testosterone gel on a very alternative application site in order to grow lean muscle mass, recover from workouts faster and more completely, and rapidly metabolize your body fat!

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6-MDROL Massive Dry Gains - No Negative Side Effects

It seems like every decision we make in life has pros and cons. And this is true even with seemingly great choices that’ll improve our status. For example…

- If I work my butt off in the office every single day, there’s a good chance that I’ll eventually get rich. However, my social life will suffer and I’ll have less energy to work out.

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BRIDGE The Muscle Maintenance Supplement - Don't Lose Your Gains

I just love the feeling I get while on a steroid cycle. I feel like attacking the weights every day and ripping out more reps in each subsequent workout. Outside of the gym, I’m generally more alive and have endless energy. As for the media-purported roid rage, well let’s just say that the only time I get really aggressive is in the weight room or with my lady in the bedroom.

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Powerful Designer Supplement – Get Helladrol While Still Legal

Everybody knows that the staples to successful bodybuilding include eating clean and working your butt off in the gym. But no matter how much blood, sweat and tears you poor into the gym, there comes a point where your gains plateau and you are merely left trying to keep what you’ve earned. This is when many athletes look for additional help to blast through their peak.

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HCGenerate Keep Muscle Gains & Stay Strong in the Bedroom

I could never be some chubby, sloppy guy who lets himself go while praying to god that, one day, a decent-looking woman will take pity on him. In fact, I’m the total opposite and do whatever I can to build my body to its fullest potential. In this quest to achieve the ultimate physique and pick up hotties, I go on steroid cycles to pack on as much lean muscle as possible. And there’s nothing like coming out of a cycle looking far bigger and more ripped than when I started.

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She's Ready for Summer… Are you?

Dating back as far as 1392, Japanese samurai commonly used katana swords in battle because of their incredible sharpness and strength. In fact, katana blades are still popular today due to their ability to cut through almost anything. Taking this into account, it’s no surprise that the highly-effective product Katanadrol 3.0 derives its name from the legendary Japanese sword.

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Stop Ugly Hair Loss, Grow Thicker Hair with N2 Shampoo

Women often like to debate about what physical characteristics they like in a man. For example, some ladies like men with thick, powerful builds while others prefer a lean, muscular physique. Likewise, there are ladies who like guys with facial hair while others desire clean-shaven men. However, you’ll never find a woman who says, “I just love a man with horseshoe pattern baldness!

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