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VIDEO: Ken robbed in front of his girlfriend gets revenge!

Robbed in front of his girlfriend, Ken gets revenge!

Could you survive and win a real life street fight? Could you protect your girlfriend from punks? Could you end a bar fight in 3 seconds? Did you know a high testosterone level strongly correlates with more strength, courage, financial security, drive, ambition, and muscle mass?

This video is the story of a guy who gets humiliated in front of his girlfriend and eventually loses her for acting like a coward in a moment of crisis. Not happy feeling weak and helpless, he takes control of his testosterone level and changes his life forever.

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Leading Stories

Better than Dianabol for Bulking?

DianaBulk is the last legal "wet" bulking product and the Elite Fitness community has been preferring DianaBulk over the black market stuff. DianaBulk compasses everything you want from a bulking cycle, and none of what you don't want.

With DanaBulk's built-in Estrogen control you don't have to worry about looking all puffy-faced, and DianaBulk will still help you gain the most mass possible for every calorie you consume. Read on the article below by EliteFitness.com Moderator Dylan Gemelli to learn more about DianaBulk and why it makes the perfect Bulking Cycle, while you take advantage of a very special offer!

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HCGenerate Extra Strength is What She Wants You to Take

I have to admit I was pretty shocked when I found out the guys at N2BM Nutrition had decided to make a new "Extra Strength" version of their already potent HCGenerate product. The addition of the new HCGenerate ES (Extra Strength) to the product line really establishes N2BM as the dominating brand in Post Cycle Therapy supplements. The EliteFitness.com forum members using Steroids feel very fortunate to have a brand like N2BM to cater to them.

The original formulation of the classic HCGenerate is already heavily packed with strong ingredients, so N2BM had to really add some serious power to this formula to be able to call it "Extra Strength", read on the article below by EliteFitness.com Moderator Dylan Gemelli and find out what makes the new HCGenerate ES, so Extra Strong!

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This is why your balls shrink from Steroid use.

All members of Elite Fitness know that HCGenerate is the absolute best Post Cycle Therapy supplement for those guys looking to keep their libido strong and their balls plump.  There is nothing worse than raisin nuts... Ask any girl what she thinks about a guy with big muscles and tiny nuts. I bet you won't hear anything good.

Not only does HCGenerate work on keeping any possible testicular atrophy at bay, but HCGenerate helps to keep your libido stronger than ever.  The effects from this supplement have been well documented world-wide by many athletes who use this product as a reliable means of making sure their steroid use does not affect their performance in the sack... Or shrink their balls.

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Better Anti-Estrogen drug than Nolvadex and Arimidex

Below is the continuation of the LetroZone products explanation, the powerful new Anti-Estrogen product by GK ProHormones. LZ can be used during cycle and also for Post Cycle Therapy, read on to find out what makes LetroZone such a powerful product sna why you should be using it every time you use Steroids.

LetroZone is the most powerful anti-estrogen product that is still legal over the counter, containing Formestane, Arimistane and 11-OXO.

Get a full $10 off the price of LetroZone when you use code LZ10, this is a limited time offer and the code dies in 48hrs, so hurry and use the code only at MyProH.com

LetroZone Part 2

With such heavy doses of both Formestane and Arimistane, it's pretty clear that this product will keep Estrogen side effects away, but what about Cortisol? Cortisol is a nasty stress hormone that creeps back after your cycle is done, and eats away at your gains while adding fat to your mid section. Many products on the market have been offered to try and lower cortisol, thus helping the users to lose fat from their mid section. Not only does this stress hormone cortisol put fat on your belly but it also east away at your muscle gains, making your muscle cells release their precious storage out into your system for energy. Why do you think newbies lose all their gains after their first cycle? - Out of control Cortisol is a big part of it!

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Better Anti-Estrogen drug than Letrozole and Arimidex

High Estrogen levels are a huge problem that can ruin your outer looks, as well as inner health. Not only will high Estrogen levels lead you to look bloated and puffy, but it can also grow you a pair of boobies like a pubescent girl. Heavy Steroid use is one good way to raise your Estrogen levels to the point of causing you many of these undesirable Estrogenic side-effects. Bodybuilders who need to look their best for modeling shoots or shows, use all kinds of Estrogen control compounds to keep side-effects to minimum while looking ripped!

LetroZone is powerful new product from the guys over at GK ProHormones, the brand with the most advanced formulations I have ever seen. This LZ product is not just the most powerful over the counter Anti-Estrogen I have ever seen, but maybe the most powerful single product for Estrogen control that you could ever get your hands on. But don't take my word for it, read the info below and decide for yourself if this formulation is all that it promises to be.

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GHRP-2 & GHRP-6: Injectable Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptides

Athletes who use Growth Hormone (GH) often run into one roadblock: it costs a small fortune to use quality GH. But a research chemical exists, called GHRP, short for growth hormone releasing hexapeptide, that costs a lot less.

In studies, GHRP has shown to pormote an increase in appetite, longer sleep and the building of lean muscle tissue. Assuming you want to learn more about this amino acid peptide, which you can get at BuyUSAPeptides.com for research purposes, let's take a closer look at GHRP.

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