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8 Pack Abs Top 5 Myths How to Get Washboard Abs

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8 Pack Abs Top 5 Myths How to Get Washboard Abs

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

8 Pack Abs Top 5 Myths How to Get Washboard Abs

image1. Abs can be worked everyday.

I have a good question: Which muscles in the body get bigger when they aren’t allowed to rest after being used. The answer: There is no such muscle. Unfortunately, there is a group of misguided souls out there who think that if they work their washboard abs everyday then they will look better. Your 8 pack abs are just like any other muscle in the body in that they need rest to grow and constantly working them doesn’t allow for this. If they’ve been properly trained, they will be sore enough where you won’t want to work them again day after day.

2. Countless Sit-ups will payoff eventually.

There’s been quite a few times when I’ve been flipping through the TV and come upon some professional athlete talking about what they do to look so good. An ungodly amount of crunches is often one of the things they mention. And I cringe when I hear this as pro athletes do many activities that give them the look they have and I guarantee that the 500 or 600 daily crunches session isn’t one of the things that actually works. More results can be accomplished with fewer reps and by varying routines or using weight on the washboard abs.

3. Abs should be done at the beginning of a workout since they’re the “showpiece” of the body.

While having great looking washboard abs are very important to any bodybuilder, compromising the rest of your workout for them is ridiculous. People need their abdominals in order to do a lot of the exercises they will perform during a lifting session. These muscles work to stabilize one’s body while doing other lifting actions such as the bench press or squat. Tiring out your 8 pack abs early on in a workout can raise the potential for injury so it is best to wait to work them towards the end or at least when the bigger, compound exercises are out of the way.

4. Upper and Lower abs are worked separately.

Many personal trainers and so-called fitness gurus would have you believe that abdominals must be worked in separate sections. Upper and lower to be exact. But have you ever really seen anyone with 5% body fat and a huge four-pack? I haven’t either and the fact remains that when you work one section of the abdominals, you’re pretty much working them all since the whole set contracts during an exercise. Instead of thinking upper and lower, think full range of motion and adjusting the angles you do exercises at so you are constantly shocking the muscles.

5. Ab machines are a good way to get great washboard abs.

Buying an ab machine from a store or off an infomercial is usually a desperate attempt to get washboard abs by someone who doesn’t want to invest any real time into the matter. These types of people usually tryout these pieces of crap until they realize the machine isn’t magic and then proceed to throw it out in the garage where it remains until a garage sale. It is true that some ab machines can provide results but only for so long and then the abdominals adapt to whatever gimmick the machine utilizes. It’s best just to stick with weights and a variety of exercises for any sort of real progress.

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