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6-MDROL Massive Dry Gains - No Negative Side Effects

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

6-MdrolIt seems like every decision we make in life has pros and cons. And this is true even with seemingly great choices that’ll improve our status. For example…

- If I work my butt off in the office every single day, there’s a good chance that I’ll eventually get rich. However, my social life will suffer and I’ll have less energy to work out.

- If I get a fancy condo and buy a brand new Mercedes, my attraction potential will skyrocket with the ladies. Unfortunately, I might be might be eating ramen noodles for lunch and conveniently showing up at my mom’s house around dinner time for a while.

- If I sleep with my girlfriend’s super-hot friend, I’ll have a few hours (or minutes) of bliss and my buddies will think I’m the man. But the downside is that I’ll probably get kicked in the balls, spit on, and have my stuff lit on fire when my girlfriend finds out.

Okay, so maybe the last point doesn’t have much long-term upside, but you get the idea. The same line of thinking can be applied to using steroids, where there are some definite positives and negatives. For most of us, the pros are worth it since we can develop a huge, ripped physique that’ll make girls lust after us and guys stare in envy.

However, there are often side effects to deal with, which, depending on how harsh, can ruin the benefits of gear. After all, few women care if you’re walking around with 19-inch guns and cheese-grater abs when you’re also a bald bastard with bitch tits.

Luckily, you can minimize or even negate many side effects by stacking steroids and juicing in cycles. But even stacking and cycling doesn’t always protect bodybuilders from nasty problems like liver damage, gynocomastia (boobs), hair loss, acne and a drop in libido. So it goes without saying that the less you have to deal with potential side effects, the better.

That’s why I’d like to recommend a brand new product from Muscle Research called 6-MDROL. This is a prohormone that helps you pack on lean, dry muscle without leaving you with a bunch of hellish side effects. In fact, there are little to negative side effects associated with 6-MDROL. So you’re free to use this product to build a muscular, dry, vascular appearance without paying the consequences afterward. Now here’s an overview of what 6-MDROL can do for you:

- Build dry, lean muscle mass
- Increase your overall mass, size and strength
- Improve your libido

I know that it may seem like 6-MDROL is too good to be true. After all, any steroidal product or hormone that boosts your size, strength and libido should seemingly come with side effects. But the reality is that 6-MDROL is virtually free of side effects and this all has to do with the ingredients. That said, let’s look at why this prohormone is the perfect blend of safety and effectiveness. Use this link to grab your bottle right away and to save!

Why 6-MDROL’s Ingredients prevent Negative Side Effects

The key ingredient to 6-MDROL is an amazing new compound called 6a-chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one (25mg). What’s significant about 6a-chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one is that it provides dry muscle gains without converting to estrogen. This means that you avoid discouraging side effects like gyno and decreased libido.

The Quercetin (20mg) found in 6-MDROL works to keep your liver and other organs healthy. That’s because Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that protects your organs and also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

People will also find black pepper extract (10mg) in this product. The black pepper extract is important because it increases absorption and enhanced nutrient bioavailability of other ingredients.

Are Any Side Effects Possible with 6-MDROL?

Thanks to this prohormone’s ingredients, people don’t have to worry about estrogenic side effects. Furthermore, 6-MDROL is non-methylated, so there will be little to no negative effects on your liver or other organs. It’s very uncommon for people to suffer from lethargy or low libido while using this product. In fact, your libido might even get a spike with 6-MDROL!

Should I still run Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)?

Yes, 6-MDROL is meant to be used in cycles, so I recommend that you run PCT with Forma Stanzol, Test Infusion and Transform Forged Post Cycle. This is especially the case if you stack 6-MDROL with other prohormones and/or steroids.

Do I need to take an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) while using 6-MDROL?

Seeing as how 6-MDROL doesn’t convert to estrogen at all, you don’t need to run an AI. However, if you’ve had major issues with gyno in the past, you might want to consider using Forma Stanzol during and after your cycle.

Will I pass a Sports Drug Test while on 6-MDROL?

No, this compound is a prohormone and will make you test positive for WADA-banned substances when you’re on a cycle. So if you play in organized sports where testing is possible, I don’t recommend using this product.

6-MDROL IngredientsHow to take 6-MDROL

Every 6-MDROL bottle comes with 120 capsules. It’s recommended that you take two caps in the morning and two in the evening during a cycle. Don’t use this product for more than 30 days, and take 30-60 days in between cycles before using this prohormone again.

If you’re looking to get that coveted, ripped, vascular physique without dealing with a bunch of side effects afterward, 6-MDROL is definitely for you. This product is designed to promote lean muscle growth and help you reach your body’s fullest potential. Plus it can be stacked with other prohormones and steroids for maximum effectiveness. So get 6-MDROL and pack on dry muscle while avoiding the pitfalls of gyno and liver damage.

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6-MDROL – Pack on Lean, Dry Muscle with No Side Effects

MdrolEver suffered from gyno, liver damage or low libido while on a prohormone or steroid cycle?

6-MDROL can make sure this never happens again while, at the same time, helping you add lean, dry muscle.

6-MDROL doesn’t convert to estrogen like many other prohormones and steroids, which prevents the dreaded man boobs. Plus it’s not toxic to the liver or any other vital organs.

Despite having little to no side effects, 6-MDROL is still a powerful prohormone that will greatly increase your muscle mass, size and strength.

Stop dealing with nasty steroid and prohormone side effects, build dry muscle, boost your libido – get 6-MDROL!

Read on or use this link to grab some right away!

P.S. 6-MDROL bottles are going fast as bodybuilders look to gain the ultimate edge in adding lean mass. This product can also boost your libido and help you increase overall strength – all without nasty side effects like man boobs, organ damage, and a severe drop in libido. If you’ve ever dealt with any of these problems while on a cycle, 6-MDROL could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Yours in sport,

George Spellwin

George Spellwin