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4 New Designer Steroids for Massive Muscle Growth and how to get them fast.

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

Check availability and price here.It's been a long time since I got really excited about a new anabolic steroid. So you can imagine my surprise when last month, my friend Mr. Author L. Rea, of Chemical Muscle Enhancement and Building the Perfect Beast fame, sent me some samples of four new designer steroids that he developed himself in his private laboratory.

So you may be wondering what exactly did he send and what can they do?

Well, to be specific, he sent four vials in total. One each of 4-Hydroxy Testosterone Decanoate, 17a-Methyl-4-HydroxyNandrolone, Formestane, and 17aa-4-Androstene-3 17-diol. More importantly than the chemical names, these four steroids, all highly prized by bodybuilders, can promote massive muscle growth and enable you to get as HUGE as humanly possible in just a few short weeks.

Are they legal? Technically speaking, they are legal at the present time, but they are scheduled to be banned in the near future. In fact, their legal status is in such question that once the current supply runs out, probably by the end of , if not sooner, there won't be any more made. Ever.

In this weeks Elite Fitness News, we've got the lowdown on these four new drugs and how you can use them to build ultra lean monster muscle mass & incredible strength. I'll also let you in on how you can score some before they're gone for good. Read on.

imageFirst off, the four steroids are all certified sterile, HPLC tested and pharmaceutically designed. While this ensures the utmost in quality and purity, it also means that in addition to being orally available, they can also be injected for ever greater absorption -- in fact, each vile is capped with a convenient rubber stopper. Please scroll down this page and read each drugs "Benefits", "Steroid Profile" and "Detailed Overview" for additional information.

Please keep in mind that the anabolic properties discussed below have been accumulated both by scientific testing in the lab and with REAL human test subjects, bodybuilders and general athletes.

Here's the quick links to the the four steroid profiles:



image Effects very similar to Testosterone, but without the side effects!

image Zero conversion to Estrogen and even acts as a potent aromatase inhibitor!

image Zero conversion to DHT and even acts as a potent 5-alpha reductase inhibitor!

image Increases HPTA activity, perfect for post cycle or stand-alone product

image NO gyno, NO bloat, NO high blood pressure!

image Patent Pending by pharmaceutical giant, Searle Laboratories!

Steroid Profile

Testosterone is known as the "King Of All Steroids". It's super potent, anabolic, androgenic, you feel young while on it, increases sex drive, better muscle pumps, more strength gains, etc., etc., etc. The perfect stand-alone steroid.

BUT, anything that powerful usually comes with its share of powerful side-effects as well. High conversions to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT); which means, gynocomastia ("bitch tits"), bloat, water retention, male-pattern hair loss, female-pattern fat distribution and quickly shuts down your testicles (hence, your balls shrink!).

Please keep in mind that testosterone is a very old steroid and what we've done is basically use 21st century technology and research to tweak this "grandfather" steroid and by adding a hydroxyl group, we've virtually removed all of testosterone's side-effects, while keeping and even enhancing its positive effects. (By the way, this is a Patented formula by Searle Laboratories!)

This means more muscle, less fat gains, much less side-effects and enhances recovery of the HPTA axis. Plus, you end up saving TONS of money by not having to buy "anti side-effect drugs". . . . .




image Effects very similar to a stack of Nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin) and Oxanavar (Anavar), but without the side effects!

image 13 times more ANABOLIC and 3 times more ANDROGENIC then testosterone!

image Zero activity or conversion to Estrogen or progesterone - which means NO "deca-dick" or lowered sex drive.!

image Zero conversion to DHT or DHN, and even acts as a potent 5-alpha reductase inhibitor!

image Excellent post cycle muscle retention and almost ZERO shut down of testicles!

image NO gyno, NO bloat, NO high blood pressure, NO impotency!

Steroid Profile

Probably the most sought after and highly regarded steroids is Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin) and Oxandrolone (Anavar). These two steroids are probably the safest steroids ever developed - so much that women and even children can take them. Yet, they are also one of the most ANABOLIC steroids ever developed.

Everyone in the steroid world has used and/or heard of Deca Durabolin. There is really nothing negative to say about deca other then its progesterone side effects which lead to bloating, water retention, gynecomastia and the worst side effect of all - IMPOTANCE!

Now, moving on to the most expensive steroid ever created - and that's Anavar. Everyone's favorite, extremely safe, makes you super strong and very hard - but damn it, also very expensive.

The great news is that H.M. Gear is the first company in the world to bring you Oxanavar™ - a compound which is is a compound that is a cross between Deca Durbaolin (minus all of its progesterone side-effects) and Anavar (at literally a FRACTION of the cost, yet almost 3x as strong!)

What we have done is modified the original nandrolone compound with an alteration in the "position 4" with a hydroxyl group and the end result is an amazing compound that's very similar to that of Deca, but with NO side-effects! Then we methylated the compound and due to the "alkylation", it now acts almost identical to Avanar, but 2.5-3 times as strong.

This means more muscle, less fat gains, no estrogen or progesterone bloating or gynecomastia ("bitch tits") and most importantly, NO "deca dick" or lowered sex drive. Best of all, the highest post-cycle retention of any product on the market!


Aromabolan P.C.T.™(Formestane)


image One of the most potent aromatase (estrogen) inhibitors in the world!

image Increases IGF-1 levels by a whopping 26%

image Decreases the number of progesterone receptors (inhibits the trenbolone and “deca-dick” type side effects and increases fat loss. Perfect if you use Deca, Trenbolone or Anadrol-50)

image It increases HPTA activity similar to HCG and Clomid together (but without the side-effect of either drug!)

image It actually acts anabolically similar to the steroid Primobolan Depot!

image It decreases SHBG 34% thus increasing androgen activity which basically makes androgens/steroids in your systems MORE effective!

Drug Profile

Aromabolan P.C.T.™ really is an amazing compound that should be a part of EVERY cycle - not only for muscle gains and fat loss, but for longevity and health. It's one of the world's most potent aromatase inhibitors that is actually a prescription drug in other countries under the brand name of Lentaron I.M. Depot®.

The amazing part is Lentaron I.M. Depot® use to be available in the USA, but the government removed it because it was "too anabolic" and it put on muscle. H.M. Gear's Aromabolan P.C.T.™ is the EXACT compound found in Lentaron I.M. Depot® and we've attained it due to the current legal loopholes in America.

Its anabolic/androgen effects are similar to that of the steroid Primobolan Depot. It also increases IGF-1 levels by an amazing 26%. It also increases HPTA activity and testicular activity similar to a combination of HCG and Clomid!

Now you know why we recommend this to be a part of any and every cycle. Whether it's to keep your estrogen under control or to simply create an environment that is more anabolic and beneficial for muscular gains and fat loss.

Plus, one needs to realize that Aromabolan P.C.T.™ works just as well as, if not better then current prescription aromatase inhibitors on the market (such as Arimidex, Femara, Aromasin, Cytadren, etc.) but at a FRACTION OF THE COST!

Lastly, Aromabolan P.C.T.™ decreases SHBG 34% thus increasing androgen activity, which basically makes androgens/steroids in your systems MORE effective WITHOUT any increase in dosage!




image Large increase in Red Blood cell count and Hematocrit levels! (Which results in amazing pumps and super vascularity)

imageVery effective at "nerve excitation" which greatly increases muscle recovery and systemic CNS recovery by as much as 33.4%!

image280% more active than injectable testosterone (perfect for getting rock hard when dieting away the fat)!

imageVery little conversion to Estrogen or DHT and hence, you get the additional mass-building and libido effects, but without the additional "extreme" side-effects that testosterone brings on.

imageAn increased uptake of glucose and muscle glycogen via the GLUT-4 receptors on muscle cells.

Steroid Profile

Testriol²™ is a powerful androgen naturally occurring in the human body possessing about 280% more activity than injectable testosterone and almost 100% biologically active when administered orally.

About 98-99% of circulating androgens are in a bound or inactive form due to the actions of a blood protein call Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). The use of supplemental Testriol²™ decreases SHBG activity thus increasing total anabolic potential of other androgens (including AAS), while supplying an increase in anabolic activity in itself. In short, a greater supply of anabolic chemistry and less inhibition of its actions.

Another interesting effect of Testriol²™ is its unique ability to increase the rate of recovery. Due to an increase in red blood cell production and subsequent oxygen transport, there is a direct and notable decrease in the time necessary for recovery between sets and workouts. This translates into greater work-load capacities and the gains they allow in lean muscle tissue.

Testriol²™ does not convert directly to estrogens, though it does increase total circulatory estrogen levels to some extent. As many are aware, estrogen stimulates the GLUT-4 receptors on muscle thus increasing the up-take of glucose and glycogen. When androgen levels are increased significantly there must be a correlating increase in cellular glycogen to fuel anabolism or the result is an increase in the anabolic signal, but no actual increase in cellular anabolism.

In conclusion this all means that Testriol²™ is a great mass product with many potential stacking values with other androgens.


Remember, as I mentioned above, the legal status of these drugs is in such question that once the current supply runs out, sometime in , there won't be any more. Here's a link where you can check pricing and availability.


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